Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Fort Myers has expanded its quality cleaning services to Fort Myers

Fort Myers, Florida – Zeroroz(R) Carpet Cleaning Fort Myers is a leader in the cleaning industry because of the unique techniques, equipment and processes they use to deliver quality cleaning to their commercial and residential customers. The cleaning company is familiar with all kinds of dirt and knows which products will remove stains and make them look like new. They use their incredible patented cleaning process and Zr Water(R) technology, which assures customers that their carpets, upholstery and floors, among other things, will stay cleaner longer. The company has a great team that cares and appreciates the work they do for their customers.

The team at Zerorez(R) Carpet Cleaning Fort Myers is well trained, knowledgeable and experienced in handling all kinds of cleaning projects. The cleaning professionals are kind, polite and honest, which makes it easier to relate and work with their customers. Customers can easily schedule their services online at This makes it easier for customers as they are sure of their availability and costs upfront. Once the team approaches their clients, they first do a sample cleaning for the client to see if the result meets their expectations before starting the cleaning project. This instills confidence in the business, as customers can be confident that their carpets, floors and upholstery will be clean again.

Their Zr Water(R) technology allows the cleaning company to effectively clean customer surfaces without the use of harsh detergents or chemicals, meaning customer surfaces and products will stay stronger and serve their purpose for longer. long time. Since Zerorez(R) Carpet Cleaning Fort Myers does not use harsh chemicals when cleaning its customers’ properties, this leaves customers’ surfaces completely safe and hygienic for families, staff, visitors and pets. servants. They pride themselves on using green technology to help provide customers with a safer environment by reducing their carbon footprint when cleaning.

The cleaning company understands the frustrations that come with cleaning and trying to remove stains and dirt from a property’s surfaces. That’s why they’ve implemented their simple and effective methods to ensure that dirt is removed and gone as quickly as possible, leaving surfaces clean as new. Carpet Cleaning Zerorez Fort Myers offers its customers tile and grout, rug, carpet, granite, upholstery and flooring cleaning services at very affordable rates. They also add their customers an exclusive Nano-tech sealer that helps customers keep dirt and bacteria out of floors and reduces customer costs by reducing cleaning sessions.

The Fort Myers-based company is certified Platinum by the Carpet and Rug Institute and is also rated as having the number one cleaning system in the United States by an independent testing lab for its exceptional cleaning process. To learn more about Zerorez(R) Carpet Cleaning Fort Myers, visit their website or contact them by phone at (239) 932-9376. Their office is located at 5701 Country Lakes Dr Unit 8, Fort Myers, FL, 33905, USA.

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