Yes, pumpkin spice cleaners exist now

Grove Collaborative is a company that, on its own account, sells products such as cookware, cleaning supplies, and personal care products that are “non-toxic, effective, sustainable, and cruelty-free.” Customers receive monthly shipments of products they choose themselves, including select pumpkin-scented cleaning products.

There’s a wide variety of pumpkin-scented cleaners, from laundry sheets to all-purpose cleaners, and if you can’t decide, there’s even a 17-piece “Naturalust Collection” that includes a variety of sprays, towels, candles, and even a reusable thermos. Prices for this collection of fall-themed cleansers start at $6.95 for all-purpose cleansers and $4.99 for your choice of pumpkin or spiced apple scented hand soaps.

While Grove Collaborative is indeed a remarkable company, they didn’t exactly “invent” pumpkin-scented cleansers. In 2021, household cleaning company Mrs. Meyer’s sold a variety of scented cleaning solutions – pumpkin spice included! – exclusively on Grove Collaborative (via Perfumer Flavorist). And in 2019, Yahoo featured Glade and Febreze home and car air fresheners in its pumpkin spice-scented product roundup, which included other household items like candles and soap for hands.

Whether you drink it in coffee or flavor your home with it, have you ever thought about the exact origin of pumpkin spice? (Hint: you won’t find it in the pumpkin patch).

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