WellAir Launches New Air Purifier 99.9% Effective Against Indoor Airborne Pathogens

STAMFORD, Connecticut – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – WellAir, the leading healthcare technology company providing indoor air disinfection solutions, is charting a new path for healthy indoor environments at a time when air quality has never been a concern. higher priority. Backed by more than a decade of research and innovation, WellAir recently launched the Defend NV 400, an FDA approved Class II medical device that is 99.9% effective in inactivating airborne pathogens such as proxy viruses SARS-CoV-2 (bacteriophage MS2) and MRSA, bacteria and fungi, and also purifies the air of particles, volatile organic compounds, gases and odors.

“COVID-19 has increased attention to indoor air quality and increased the importance of safer indoor environments by reducing the risk of exposure to airborne pathogens. This is exactly what the new Defend NV 400 is designed for, ”said WellAir President and CEO Todd M. Pope. “This portable device expands our product portfolio, delivering powerful air cleaning in multiple device sizes. This product launch continues to demonstrate our passion for improving the quality of the air and the surfaces with which each of us interacts on a daily basis.

The Defend NV 400 features WellAir’s unique and patented NanoStrike ™ technology – a transformational method of air disinfection developed by a team of scientists and engineers, which shatters airborne pathogen cells, Inactivating them quickly to ensure that they no longer pose a threat of infection. Unlike other technologies, the effectiveness of NanoStrike lies in its ability to inactivate nanoscale pathogens on contact. The Defend NV 400’s four-step pathogen inactivation and filtration process also uses Camfil’s medical grade filters® to capture bacterial debris, fine and coarse particles, VOCs, gases, odors and impurities.

The Defend NV 400 is ideally suited for healthcare facilities, but is effective in a wide variety of indoor environments, such as schools and offices.

As WellAir continues to innovate solutions to one of the world’s most pressing public health challenges – improving the air we breathe – it is supported by a Medical Advisory Board, a diverse group of leading experts. in public, environmental and medical health. The council works collaboratively to study and advise on advancing indoor air and surface quality with a focus on improving respiratory, immunological, oncological and general public health outcomes.

“Improving indoor air quality is essential to the health and well-being of individuals as well as our communities,” said Dr. Regina Benjamin, chair of the WellAir Medical Advisory Board. “Indoor spaces are generally two to five times more polluted than outdoor spaces, which is all the more worrying given that we spend a large part of our time indoors. The Medical Advisory Board and I look forward to working with WellAir to raise awareness and help find solutions to this public health challenge.

The Defend NV 400 is available now. For more information visit: https://www.wellairsolutions.com/

About WellAir

WellAir’s mission is to make the indoor world cleaner and safer. The company’s extensive line of clean air and surface products have been scientifically proven to help protect the way people work, live and play. WellAir, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with offices in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, and Stamford, Connecticut, is a leading provider of infection control solutions.

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