Water can be as good as cleaning products

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Using the old-fashioned water and rag technique works as well as some Cleaners at home, a new search has found.

A test conducted by consumer advocacy group Choice found that some of the popular cleaning products sold in supermarkets are not as effective as we think.

With Instagram cleaning stars such as Ms. Hinch encouraging Brits to ‘hinch’ their homes with a variety of products, many of us are spending money on a plethora of cleaning items. But, according to research, scrubbing your surfaces with water may do the trick just as well.

“About 50% of those in our test were not significantly different from plain water. It’s pretty scary. You’re basically just pouring money down the drain, ” Choice’s Ashley Iredale said. Goalkeeper Australia. ‘

To find out which products worked, Choice’s research team tested items using a mechanical scrubber to “make sure you got absolute consistency from sample to sample.”

They coated a ceramic tile with an oily formula, let it dry, then doused it with a cleaning product to find out how well it worked. “We measure the light reflectors on this tile before and after this test, which is an incredibly accurate way to measure the amount of soil removed,” Ashley said.

One of the products the study found unnecessary was floor cleaners. “None of them performed better than water. It’s just the mechanical scrubbing action, ”Ashley explained.

Choice also found that instead of using different bottles for different rooms in the house, a single multipurpose spray could work very well: “You can throw away the 57 different bottles in your closet and only use one for all.”

While research has found that some cleaning products might not make much of a difference, there are still some that we need to make sure our homes are clean. These included …

  • Toilet cleaner with stronger bleach to properly clean the interior.
  • Bathroom cleaner, because your bathroom will quickly accumulate more dirt than other rooms in the house.
  • Glass cleaner to make sure you remove all the stains. Water-based cleaners for windows will not help give them a shine.

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