Vehicle cleaning specialist Nielsen completes £100,000 upgrade of National Forest training center

A leading UK manufacturer of specialist vehicle cleaning products has completed a £100,000 redevelopment of its international training center on the Leicestershire/Derbyshire border.

Nielsen, which supplies more than 100 products to car dealerships, professional valets and the commercial vehicle cleaning industry, installed new non-slip floors, lighting and equipment including pressure washers, foaming equipment , wet and dry vacuums and dual action polishers in the center.

This significant investment will give the company what it says is a world-class facility to demonstrate its product line in an environment that will help it help its customers train a thousand of their staff each year.

Five people will initially be employed at the facility, with the company planning to recruit an additional dedicated trainer in 2022.

Nielsen Sales Manager James Lomas said: “It has been a difficult year with the pandemic closing a number of facilities, but we have been successful in winning new contracts, supplying surface sanitizing products to emergency services and continued to grow existing accounts.

“It has seen demand for our cleaning and valeting products increase steadily and in order to ensure that we can show customers how to get the most out of them, we knew we had to create an international training academy that was there- top with the very best in our industry.

“Our experts designed each of the upgrades we made and also updated our training program to include six specialist sections including interior, exterior, wheels and tires, road film strippers and shampoo , polishing and cutting and air fresheners.

“Everything is in place to give us a double boost by giving us a place to showcase our products to potential new customers and a center to help create some of the best valets in the business.”

Nielsen is part of the Reabrook Group, which specializes in chemical manufacturing, and manufactures all of its products at its 11-acre site in the village of Moira, where it draws on the knowledge and capabilities of its chemical development and compliance laboratory. automotive specialists.

All products, from interior coatings and wheel cleaning to tire coatings and tar and glue removal, are designed in accordance with current legislation to ensure they meet the tough demands of the automotive market.

Hundreds of raw materials and blends are tested as part of the process to create the highest performing, environmentally friendly cleaning and maintenance products suitable for all existing and emerging materials.

Mr Loma said: ‘Nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA) has been widely used in the cleaning industry for years, but is now classified as a carcinogen with the potential to cause cancer.

In one of the most significant developments in years, we’ve created a portfolio of NTA-free formulations, and these safer solutions are going to be in high demand.

“Manual car washes are returning now that we have emerged from lockdown, and we have exciting plans to target more valeting services under contract with our professional range, as well as finalizing the range of our retail offering – which should be launched in 2022.

“At the heart of our growth will be our commitment to sustainability and our willingness to do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint.

“This allowed us to sign a contract to work in partnership with The National Forest, sponsoring a 38 hectare site which has seen a total of over 42,000 trees planted to date.”

Nielsen’s range of valet and car care products are sold through a network of UK distributors and, through its international division, in over 40 countries worldwide.

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