Tried Zoflora’s new cleaning products and they smell like pink gin – Bethan Shufflebotham

Zoflora has long been a household name having been used and adored by celebrities like Stacey Solomon, Ms. Hinch, and YouTuber Lousie Pentland. And now they’ve launched their first new fragrance of 2022.

Cleaning fans raced for Sainsbury’s to lay hands on new Raspberry and Juniper disinfectant, that smells of pink gin.

The limited-edition fragrance is exclusive to Sainsbury’s and launched last month. Crafted by the perfume experts at Zoflora, it offers “a sweet, fruity blend of red berries and rhubarb, paired with hints of hibiscus flower and creamy vanilla.”

When the brand revealed the new fragrance to its 390,000 Instagram followers, fans were quick to try and get their hands on it.

One said, “Omg that smells good, I already have it.”

Another added: ‘I bought five more bottles today, all they had in my little Sainsbury’s!

“Omg this smells amazing like Gordon’s pink gin,” wrote a third.

I managed to get my hands on their Disinfectant Mist, All-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner, and All-Purpose Disinfectant Concentrate, so I can use it for almost everything from cleaning floors and surfaces to cleaning doorknobs.

Since Covid-19 and watching my mum sanitize our weekly store, it’s safe to say that it’s increased germ awareness, and it’s great to see brands that not only do their job, but do it well and smell good in the process.

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Zoflora’s latest fragrance is said to “kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including the COVID-19 virus”, eliminate odors and leave the home fragrant for hours.

The sanitizer really smells like pink gin – both sweet and fruity, but also grassy and juniper.

And they are pretty well priced too. Made in Yorkshire, prices start at £1.59 for 120ml, going up to £5.99 for 500ml, but shoppers can subscribe and save when buying their Zoflora through Amazon.

Some of my favorite ways to use Zoflora are to add a little to a piece of kitchen towel and place it between the trash can and the trash bag, which helps keep the kitchen trash can fresh.

I also like to dilute the product in the mop bucket and clean the floors, which leaves the whole house smelling fresh – and guests always compliment it.

Zoflora’s new Raspberry and Juniper fragrance smells of pink gin

This year, Zoflora celebrates its 100th anniversary, having developed its first scented sanitizer in 1922, containing essential oils from real flowers.

Now they have over 20 scents to make cleaning an absolute pleasure rather than a chore.

Michelle Chadwick, Senior Brand Manager at Zoflora, said, “It’s always exciting to release a new Zoflora fragrance. Over the past 100 years, the brand’s love for our scent has never wavered, creating lasting memories, and with raspberry and juniper berry, I’m sure we’ve developed another beautiful scent that the consumers will love it.

“We are currently celebrating our 100th anniversary and this is a defining moment for the brand. The new scents are key to maintaining Zoflora’s position as the number one sanitizer brand and maintaining consumer engagement. 2022 should be one of our busiest as we celebrate our legacy and position Zoflora in a strong category position for its next 100 years.

You can find the new Raspberry and Juniper Zoflora at Sainsbury’s for £1.40.

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