Toxic Materials for Sex Toys: Jelly Based, Explained

Jelly sex toys are cost effective and usually come in the cutest colors you can find. But the reference product is not safe for sexual pleasure and you deserve to know why.

If you’re new to sex toys and don’t know where to start, a 100% body-safe silicone toy is a great place to start. This will always be indicated on the product packaging. They are also easy to clean with a sex toy cleaner or warm water and soap, which simplifies the maintenance of the product.

Read on for three reasons why you should ditch your cheap pleasure products and switch to body-safe silicone.

1. It will never be 100% clean.

Jelly toys are porouswhich means it can store small crevices and holes of bacteria in the sex toy over time. Everything from sexy sex substances to bacteria in the air will lodge there. Unfortunately, no amount of sex toy cleaner, boiling, or hand washing will clean it thoroughly.

2. They contain phthalates and other toxic chemicals.

Any sex toys you buy should carry a rating that says “phthalate-free” because these chemicals cause several problems over time. Phthalates are literally considered a “probable human carcinogen“, by the FDA, banned in children’s products and even the National Library of Medicine co-signed it as “harmful to the reproductive, neurological and developmental systems of humans”.

It also contains other toxic chemicals that the sex industry is not required to list. Therefore, it is best to avoid this material altogether.

3. Cheap materials = lack of longevity.

Unfortunately, jelly is a cheap material, which makes it more affordable and attractive to new toy owners. But the same toxic chemicals that make it gelatinous lead to poor quality and will require you to invest more time in maintaining the product – it won’t work.

Most toys can be stored at room temperature – even during a heat wave – and retain their high quality. Jelly toys, on the other hand, are notorious for bleeding their color onto nearby toys and frankly, they smell bad.

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