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If the idea of ​​polishing your shoes seems like a throwback to a bygone era, consider this: the right shoe cleaner can make those dusty kicks look like new and make you look neater, too. To get the best results, though, you’ll need to get the right kind of shoe and gear cleaner: your leather boots will probably need a different type of shoe cleaner than your canvas sneakers, for example. We’ve found the best shoe cleaners on the market, making it easy to make your shoes look like you just took them out of the box.

What to consider

There are several things to keep in mind when buying any type of cleanser. Before you click buy, consider the following:

Shoe material: Some shoe cleaners work on most materials, but others are designed specifically for leather, patent leather, suede, or canvas.

Type of cleaner: Solutions, brushes, wipes, and kits are all available, and each type has both advantages and disadvantages. We even found an electric cleaner!

Ingredients: There aren’t many effective, natural shoe cleaners on the market, but we’ve found a few and included the strongest ones.

How we rated

We’ve looked at the different types of shoes on the market, as well as the materials they’re made from and how you might want to clean them. We consulted shoe cleaning experts and regular consumers, found out what worked and what didn’t, and offered a variety of cleaning solutions from reputable companies with good customer service.

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Ideal for white shoes

Shoe cleaner + whitener

  • Works well
  • Shines and cleans
  • All-in-one kit
  • The smell is too strong for some

Key specs

  • Cut: 2 ounces per bottle
  • Fragrant: Costs
  • Fabric safety: More

There’s nothing that ruins a great pair of white shoes like dirt and scuff marks. Luckily, this all-in-one kit from Alloda includes a cleaner, polish, two-sided brush, and microfiber towel that will get the dirt out in no time. (And it also comes with a travel kit!)

The cleaning kit works on leather pumps, boots and sneakers, and is also safe for canvas, suede, mesh, nylon and rubber. A little cleaner and polish goes a long way, with a powerful formula that removes dirt, stains and grease, without the need for elbow grease. Reviewers call this kit “awesome”, saying it made their shoes look brand new.


Ideal for suede

Suede & Nubuck Brush Cleaner

  • Works alone or with sprays
  • Cheap
  • Efficient
  • Bristles can attract dirt and dust around

Key specs

  • Cut: 0.3 x 2.8 x 9.1 inches
  • To smell: Nothing
  • Fabric safety: Ideal for suede

This simple and straightforward brush can clean shoes, coats, suede or nubuck furniture, etc. You can use it alone (dry) or with a spray or foam cleanser.

The four-way cleaning action of the nylon bristles gently removes heavy scuffs and stains without damaging the material. It can also be used to remove dirt and grime from the edges of shoe soles.

This old-fashioned, wallet-friendly cleaner will make your hard-to-clean suede look like new again, with reviewers claiming it’s even saved badly stained, salt-crusted suede winter shoes. Others swear it’s the best way to clean the soles of their Birkenstocks.


Best all-rounder

Shoe cleaning essentials kit

  • Safe on all fabrics
  • Efficient
  • Easy to use

Key specs

  • Cut: 7 ounces (cleaning foam); 2 ounces (repelling spray)
  • To smell: Costs
  • Fabric safety: More

This Jason Markk kit has earned a five-star rating from 78% of its more than 15,600 reviewers on Amazon, who call it a shoe “savior.” The versatile starter kit comes with a ready-to-use foam cleaner, premium cleaning brush, soil release spray, and three wipes for easy on-the-go maintenance.

This care kit can be used on everything from suede to canvas, and many reviewers use it on handbags and jackets when on the go. This kit is able to revive old stained shoes and make them “shine like new”, earning top marks for never scratching even the most delicate leather and suede.


Best quick fix

Set of 2 wipes for shoes and sneakers

  • Safe for the skin
  • Ideal for travel
  • Package may be difficult to re-seal

Key specs

  • Cut: 3o measuring wipes 5 x 3.1 x 2 inches each
  • To smell: Nothing
  • Fabric safety: Leather

This skin-safe leather shoe cleaner is a lifesaver if you want your leather gear looking shiny and new when you’re away from home.

Although this cleaner was designed for shoes, it is safe to use on anything leather and is also safe to use on delicate, buttery soft handbags and garments. The cleaner removes dirt and grime and polishes leather to a beautiful shine so shoes and accessories look like new again. Disposable wipes make life easier, but not everyone is convinced that the package reseals well enough to ensure the rest of the pack doesn’t dry out in time. To prevent the wipes from drying out, you can seal them in a plastic bag once you’ve opened the package.


Ideal for patent leather

Patent Leather Care

  • Revives and shines
  • Can be used on all patent leathers
  • For use on one type of fabric only

Key specs

  • Cut: 6 ounces
  • To smell: Costs
  • Fabric safety: Patent leather

Patent leather looks shiny and fabulous, until it’s not. Even a serious scuff or scratch sticks out like a sore thumb, and regular leather cleaners don’t work as well as those specially formulated to clean and shine patent leather.

This wallet-friendly cleaner will work on any color of patent leather and instantly revives, repairs and polishes scuffed patent leather with its creamy lather. Reviewers note that the cleaner even paves the way for a long and healthy future for a patent leather product, as it conditions the leather, which prevents cracking.


Best all natural

Premium cleaner for shoes and sneakers

  • No chemicals
  • Safe on most fabrics
  • Efficient

Key specs

  • Cut: 8 ounces
  • To smell: Slightly tropical
  • Fabric safety: More

This all-natural shoe and sneaker cleaner can be used without hesitation on canvas, leather, mesh, suede, nubuck and even white shoes. The cleanser contains coconut, jojoba and other natural oils. To use, simply open the top, hose down, and brush away dirt with a bristle brush or cloth. About 84% of this product’s 694 reviews give it an average rating of 5 stars.

This cleanser is more expensive than some, but the fact that it’s so effective is worth it, reviewers say. Many even say it has brought dirty, stained shoes back to life long after their owner has abandoned them.


Better madness

Select Shoe Care Service

  • All-inclusive package
  • Provides a luxurious shoe shine experience
  • Efficient

Key specs

  • Cut: 11.61 x 8.62 x 8.54 inches (box)
  • To smell: Costs
  • Fabric safety: More

If you dream of reliving the old-fashioned shoe shine experience, or just love an all-inclusive kit, this Kiwi set covers all the bases. The kit contains a large wooden box that you can put your foot on while polishing your shoe, and all the materials you need are inside: two boxes of brown and black leather paste, two soft cloths and shiners, two sponges, two shoe shine brushes and a shoe horn.

Reviewers love the “fabulous quality” of the kit, although others complain that it’s smaller than they’d like.


best electric

Electric shoe brush

  • Versatile
  • Efficient
  • Powerful

Key specs

  • Cut: 6.7 x 4.33 x 2.36 inches
  • To smell: Costs
  • Fabric safety: More

If you want perfectly clean shoes, but don’t want to waste elbow grease trying to get there, this Sansent electric shoe cleaner may be the right choice for you.

This shoe cleaning and polishing kit is small enough to easily store at home or take on the road. It can be charged with a power bank via the included USB cable and can be used on most fabrics including leather, vinyl, nubuck and suede. The kit comes with soft and hard shoe cleaning brushes. Engine power is 2,000 rpm, with optimized engine rotation.


Ideal for canvas

The original shoe cleaner

  • Cleans the canvas
  • Removes dirt without staining
  • Uses natural ingredients

Key specs

  • Cut: 8 ounces
  • To smell: Costs
  • Fabric safety: Most, but works especially well on canvas

Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner has been around since 1985 and has become a go-to for canvas shoe lovers who love a clean look. The formula is super concentrated and gentle, which means you only need to use a dab to really get results. The non-toxic formula is safe for most fabrics, including leather and vinyl, and can be used on any colored or white footwear.

The bottle of cleanser isn’t cheap, but enthusiasts say they would never go back to try another, and a single bottle can last a family for years.


Ideal for sneakers

Instant Cleaner Foaming Stain Remover

  • Efficient
  • Compatible with wallets
  • May have to apply more than once for best results

Key specs

  • Cut: 9 ounces
  • To smell: Costs
  • Fabric safety: More

This cleaner once again transforms dull, grimy sneakers into spotlight-worthy kicks. Sof Sole is designed to remove stubborn dirt and stains from athletic shoes and make them look like new once again. It’s safe for canvas, leather, and vinyl, but it’s definitely best for sneakers — many people even use it to clean the soles of their athletic shoes.

Sof Sole is also known to remove old stains from white shoes and is safe for all colors. Reviewers even say they trust him with their $200+ sneakers.

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