These eco-friendly cleaning products save the environment and your home from clutter

It’s no surprise that the household cleaner industry is incredibly wasteful. Beyond single-use packaging, also consider transportation waste from shipping mostly water-filled products and the environmental hazards of certain chemicals in cleaners. Not to mention, if a cleaner isn’t safe for the environment, who’s to say it’s safe for our families?

Fortunately, many eco-friendly and sustainable brands have stepped up to create cleaning products that are better for the environment. Thanks to the use of refillable bottles, carbon-neutral shipping, plastic-free packaging, and more, today’s cleaners are more eco-friendly than ever, and there’s plenty to choose from. Many brands offer a range of products that mimic the cleaners we know and love, like wet wipes, detergent pods, and more in more eco-friendly designs, so you don’t have to. Say goodbye to your favorite cleaning methods for the sake of the environment.

And don’t worry, cleaning freaks: just because many of these ingredients are environmentally safe doesn’t mean they’re ineffective. Most of these durable products have been third-party lab tested to ensure quality performance, and many feature innovative technology that just might make you a convert to cleaning. For more ways to clean up your act, check out the best sustainable foods and eco-friendly gifts.

Supernatural, Grove Co.

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