These are the eco-friendly cleaning products I’ve been loving lately

Whenever a green cleaning company asks me to send me samples, I jump at the chance, as long as I like what I see on their website in terms of ingredients, packaging and philosophy. . It’s hard to find innovative green products where I live in rural Ontario, Canada, so I gladly accept anything these companies want to send me.

I give their products an honest review. I use each item in its entirety, usually in my Saturday morning cleaning sessions. My husband, who is the bathroom cleaning expert, also has a lot of comments on the different cleaners. Some impressed us more than others. The following is a list of the products we’ve enjoyed the most over the past year, just in time for your spring cleaning.

Branch Basics

Branch basics

I love that the whole company revolves around a single bottle of concentrated formula (33.8 fl oz) which is then diluted into everything you need: all purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner, cleanser for windows, foaming hand cleaner, floor cleaner. , even laundry detergent. It works better than any green product I’ve used before, leaving sinks and counters sparkling clean, and it smells divine.

I attended an information session hosted by the founders of Branch Basics in March 2021. They highlighted the need to rethink our definition of “clean” and move away from powerful yet harmful substances that are often used to scrub our houses. Replacing synthetic chemicals with effective natural ones is a simple way to improve air quality in the home and reduce the number of plastic bottles needed to do the same job.

By the way, the founders explained that soap is different from a sanitizer in that it removes germs rather than killing them, which makes it more beneficial and effective. Soap dismantles the pathogen, breaking down the fatty lipid layer and rendering it inactive, whereas a disinfectant typically needs a “dwell time” of between 30 seconds and 10 minutes to kill germs. Even then, he might miss some. That’s why if you’re concerned about disinfection, you should clean with soap first before spraying disinfectant.


Meliora cleaning products

This company has been around for a long time and I’m still impressed with how simple and smart their product line is. I’ve been using her laundry detergent and oxygen booster for months and my family’s often heavily soiled clothes are spotless. The Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub works wonders on our grimy white porcelain sinks. Guests had many questions about the plastic-free dish soap bar that had sat on the edge of the kitchen sink for months, handy for passing a cleaning sponge.

Meliora makes all of its products in a factory on Chicago’s West Side and promises they’ll meet three basic requirements: they’ll work to clean your home, they’re people-friendly, and they’re planet-friendly. It has a clear chemical usage policy on the website that promises that every ingredient is MADE SAFE and Leaping Bunny certified. Many ingredients are also organic.

Everything comes in paper bags or cartons. The lye and oxygen booster cartridges were recently redesigned to be made entirely of paper, as opposed to cardboard cartridges with metal caps that had to be removed for recycling. This means they use 45% less packaging than before and you can order refills in paper bags.



I had read and written about Cleancult before, but didn’t try it myself until I got a box of colorful cardboard boxes delivered to my door. I have never seen such a beautiful range of cleaning products! They’re packaged in what are essentially milk cartons to fill glass bottles, also sold by the company, but you’d never mistake them for milk with colorful graphics. These cartons are recyclable in many parts of the US (not where I live in Canada), although you can also send them back to the company for recycling.

I use the all purpose cleaner, hand soap and bar soap. The all purpose cleaner is great. It cuts through scum on my tub, sinks and counters with no problem. Hubby raves about the bar soap, says it’s the nicest we’ve ever had in the shower. He left the wrapping paper so we wouldn’t forget to order more. Guests have asked about the lavender scented hand soap in our downstairs bathroom. I don’t usually use liquid hand soap, but I have to admit it’s nice to the touch and smells great.

While Cleancult’s model isn’t as close to zero waste as Branch Basics or Meliora, it has undeniably built in a smart refill system that’s a major improvement over conventional cleaners in single-use plastic bottles. Shipping is also carbon neutral, offset by a partnership with

Keep these companies in mind if you’re shopping for clean, green cleaning products. You will not be disappointed.

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