The worst cleaning products to use around the house

A new report from consumer group Choice has found that most floor cleaners are no better than water, while many multi-purpose and kitchen sprays are a waste of time.

The report looked at 50 of the most common cleaning products available in supermarkets and tested their cleaning effectiveness.

In 2020, the entire floor cleaning category received a “shonky” award from Choice and the most recent report revealed that not much had changed.

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Report on choosing the best and worst cleaning products

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Choice’s Ashley Iredale told Today the manufacturers’ instructions for diluting the product were followed during testing.

“We spray each cleaner on pre-soiled tiles, scrub them using a mechanical scrubbing device and measure the difference before and after using a spectrophotometer,” Ms Iredale said.

The report found Coles Ultra The floor cleaner gave the worst results out of all those tested and it actually had a detrimental effect on the surfaces it was tested on.

the Dettol Healthy Clean kitchen spray was ranked as the best option for kitchen surfaces and in the all-purpose category All Purpose Nifti emerged victorious.

“The good news for consumers is that it’s far from the most expensive, so that shows that price is not a performance indicator,” Ashley said.

While All Purpose Nifti obtained 90% in the Choice report, Versatile Strike cleaner was the worst performer in this category.

The report also found that Windex was the best glass cleaner for a streak-free shine while Ajax was at the bottom of the list of clean windows,

Report on choosing the best and worst cleaning products
For floor cleaning, Coles Ultra was the worst, actually causing more damage to your surfaces. Dettol Healthy Clean was the best choice for kitchen surfaces. (Today)
Report on choosing the best and worst cleaning products
Nifti was the best all-purpose cleaner while Strike was the worst in this category. (Today)

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Another thing to consider when buying a cleaning product is the chemicals it contains.

Katrina Springer told Today she hasn’t bought a commercial cleaning product in years and uses three simple ingredients to keep her surfaces healthy and clean.

“Water, vinegar and a good amount of dish detergent to help pick up all that dirt and grime,” Ms Springer told Today.

White vinegar is the cheapest you can find in the salad dressing section of the supermarket.

Mrs. Springer mixes it with water for the sink, fridge and windows – while she uses cold water and a touch of vinegar to keep the floors clean.

Report on choosing the best and worst cleaning products
Katrina Springer uses white vinegar, water, and dish detergent to clean the house. (Today)

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Ms Springer told Today she even makes her own surface wipes instead of spending big at the supermarket.

“I just use a cup of water, a cup of vinegar, 12 drops of lavender – which has antibacterial properties – five drops of lemon to give it a nice smell and this dish detergent to help remove dirt and grime. grime,” she mentioned.

This mixture is then poured onto microfiber clothes in a bucket and this is what Katrina uses to clean the surfaces.

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