The renovation of an apartment in Brazil uses natural materials

Concrete, stone and wood bring a rich tactility to an apartment renovation in Brazil

Brazil-based Memola Estudio and architect Vitor Penha use natural materials for São Paulo’s Garrido apartment

An apartment renovation in Brazil’s São Paulo looks to both a personal art collection and the richness of the surrounding landscape for a design that celebrates the bucolic nature of natural materials.

Brazil-based Memola Estudio and architect Vitor Penha give Garrido Apartment a sharp modernity, removing the ceilings from the living areas and exposing the concrete in an effort to open up the space. By removing the interior walls and integrating the spaces so that they become versatile, the layout becomes fluid and the space sociable.

It’s conviviality encompassed in a design that uses slate, solid wood and concrete, creating a clean canvas for the locals’ art collection and modern furnishings, including sofas by Jorge Zalszupin and Sérgio Rodrigues. In the living room, the original gray Portuguese stone cladding on the walls becomes a neutral white, as does the wood that lines the entrance hall.

In the kitchen, a custom-designed island with a solid wood top provides a natural focal point, while a pantry opens up the space and floods it with natural light. A slate floor makes a rustic foil for floor-to-ceiling furniture slates, reminiscent of historic counters in old pharmacies.

Access to the kitchen is effortless thanks to the removal of a wall that impeded the natural flow of the apartment. An entrance, created by reproducing the white demolition wood of the door on the walls of the halls, offers an impressive welcome.

Other spaces have been redesigned: a dining room becomes a covered balcony, while a living room with bar is a comfortable living space thanks to a wooden coffee table and a circle of armchairs. §

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