The Best High-End Vinyl Cleaning Products

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March 23, 2022



Audiophile TLC for your records.

In the upper echelon of record care, you can expect crystal clear end results free of dust and grime. Think: blank recordings to play on your blank system.

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While budget cleaning options focus on a wider manual range — like brushes, rags, and static guns — much the same as midrange cleaners, you’ll find automatic machines at the higher end. range.

The differences between the mid-range and high-end machines are in the materials, overall build quality, and detailed cleaning results.

High-end record cleaning machines also tend to require less manual input, giving you a more fully automated experience.

Overall, record cleaning machines in this price range not only perform more thorough cleaning, but also ensure that your records are properly dried.

This is crucial for high-end systems. Because higher-end systems pick up more detail from your vinyl, imperfections are more visible. As such, it is important to ensure that even the smallest, seemingly insignificant bit of dust is removed.

Quieter machines are also more prevalent in this price bracket, again a result of refined build quality.

As always, when choosing the right option to clean up your folders, we recommend that the description matches exactly what you’re looking for. You should also assess how many folders you will need to clean up at any given time.

Below, we take a look at our favorite high-end disk cleaning options.

ClearAudio Smart Matrix Silent

Price: £1375
Benefits: Quiet, cleans efficiently
The inconvenients: Dust cover is an extra £125

Verdict: ClearAudio Smart Matrix Silent is the record cleaner that offers an elegant design, an extremely easy to use system and is almost silent.

We love Clearaudio turntables; they’re minimal, reliable, and deliver a true audiophile experience. The company’s record cleaning machine – the Smart Matrix Silent – shares a similar philosophy to its turntable design. It’s a quiet, stylish machine with exceptionally efficient performance. It’s also super easy to use; you don’t even have to press a button, just move its tonearm. Featuring a 500W motor, it’s also a mystery how it manages to stay so quiet while cleaning your records.

Audio Desk Systeme 2022 Pro X Record Cleaner

Price: £2375
Benefits: Unique ultrasonic cleaning option
The inconvenients: n / A

Verdict: Ultrasonic cleaning that offers a meticulously fine and deep cleaning.

Although it may look like an air conditioner, we can assure you that the Audio Desk Systeme Pro X Record Cleaner can be safely inserted into your records for cleaning. Although a version of this model has been around since 2016, it has always offered a flawless experience for your recordings, and the 2022 editions add some nice improvements over its predecessor. Along with its unique ultrasonic cleaning cycle that has been trusted over the years, better drainage and drying have been added to make it one of the best record cleaning machines on the market.

RCM desander

Price: £2700
Benefits: 20 fan power options
The inconvenients: N / A

Verdict: Degritter RCM does exactly what its name suggests, removes sand and cleans your discs. What more could you ask for?

Hope you don’t have grit in your record grooves, but if you do, Degritter’s RCM Record Cleaning Machine is for you. This is especially useful when cleaning newly acquired second-hand discs. (It also works great for those who have a normal amount of dust and debris in your grooves.) The RCM Rake has 20 different fan power options. Although many cleaners do a good job of washing, they sometimes leave a slight residue if not properly dried. Luckily, this machine gives you full control over the speed, power, and noise of the drying fan.

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