The best and worst cleaning products in Australia

Consumer group Choice has unveiled the best cleaning products on the market and, at scale and scale, those that are about as effective as water.

The latest round of testing evaluated 59 products for use on different surfaces, and the more expensive brands didn’t always come out on top.

“As always, there’s a real mix of products out there,” Choice analyst Ashley Iredale said.

“Sometimes we find that the more expensive products work the most effectively, but other times it’s the less expensive cleaners that will do a really good job.”

There were even huge differences within brands.

Ajax’s kitchen cleaner, for example, did well, while the brand’s window cleaner was rated the worst on the market.

Multi-purpose cleaners

BEST: Nifti All Purpose Cleaner scored 90% in the Choice test.

For products for use around the home, Nifti All Purpose Cleaner was rated the best of 25 products, followed closely by Bosito’s Multipurpose and Windex Surface and Glass Floral.

At the bottom of the pack was Strike Multi Purpose Cleaner Antibacterial Pomegranate & Vanilla, which only worked slightly better than just using water.

Morning Fresh Citrus Surface Disinfectant, Woolworths Macro Pine & Bergamot Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Coles Green Choice Lemon Myrtle Multi-Purpose Cleaner also performed poorly.

Kitchen cleaners

Healthy and clean cooking Dettol
BEST: Dettol Healthy Clean Kitchen scored 90% in the Choice test.

In the kitchen, Dettol Healthy Clean Kitchen has had the best results when it comes to cleaning dirt from white tiles.

Ajax Professional Kitchen and Jif Power & Shine Kitchen, as well as Morning Fresh Ultimate Power Clean Citrus Fresh, which costs about twice as much for a similar clean, also performed well.

Three products tied for worst kitchen cleaner: McLintocks Vanilla Fresh Fridge & Kitchen Wipe Mild Vanilla Scent, Method Anti-Bac Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner Sunny Citrus, and OzKleen Kitchen Power Degreaser.

Glass cleaners

Ajax Spray n' Wipe Glass
Worst: Ajax Spray n’ Wipe Glass only scored 34% in the Choice test – even worse than plain water.

Ms Iredale said it was important to use a specific glass cleaner on windows and mirrors, and test results show it pays to be picky.

“If you use a more general-purpose cleaner for this job, you’ll end up with stained and streaky surfaces,” she said.

Choice found Windex Original to be the best of the lot.

Ajax Spray n’ Wipe Glass came last, with slightly lower performance than water.

Floor cleaners

Coles Ultra Sweet Orchard Floor Cleaner
WORST: Coles Ultra Sweet Orchard Floor Cleaner only scored 40% in Choice’s test – even worse than plain water.

No floor cleaner has passed the 50% mark in Choice‘s to remove oil and dirt from ceramic tiles.

“Choice is unable to recommend any one of the 14 floor cleaners we tested,” Ms. Iredale said.

“There were only a few floor cleaners that worked better than water, and one was even worse.”

The best performer was Pine O Cleen Disinfectant Floor Cleaner Pomegrante Blossom, who scored 49%.

Last place was Coles Ultra Floor Cleaner Sweet Orchard.

According to Choice, you’re better off mopping your floors with a bucket of water.

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