Store cleaning products safely? Survey shows secure storage trumps ease of access and aesthetics

Newswise – Washington DC – March 21, 2022 – For National Poison Prevention Week, Safe Kids Worldwide has partnered with the American Cleaning Institute to remind parents and caregivers to be extra careful about keeping cleaning supplies out of the reach and sight of children.

See Safe Kids and ACI infographic, ACI blog post.

A recent survey conducted by Ipsos for ACI showed that functionality trumps aesthetics when it comes to product storage. When asked what is most important when it comes to storing cleaning supplies, 43% of Americans say safe storage is the most important aspect, compared to fewer people who say safe storage easily accessible, fits everything you need (25% each), or storage that looks nice (7%). While this finding is encouraging, more work needs to be done to ensure that safe product storage is at the forefront.

The survey also indicated that 30% saw social media posts where cleaning products or liquid laundry detergent packets were stored outside of their original packaging (e.g. in clear or glass jars) . Among those who have seen such examples, 31% admit to having tried such a storage idea.

“With spring cleaning already underway, there will be an increase in demand and use of household cleaning products, which can lead to an increased risk of poisoning for children if they are not used and stored properly,” said Torine Creppy, president of Safe Kids Worldwide. and Melissa Hockstad, President and CEO of CREA. “By implementing safe storage practices throughout the home, families can help ensure their homes are cleaner and safer while helping to prevent accidental exposures.”

Among Americans who report having used liquid laundry detergent packets, 71% say they have never kept the products in sight or reach of children. But 19% say they have done so, on several occasions.

Safe Kids Worldwide and the American Cleaning Institute share the following three tips to help parents keep children safe around liquid laundry detergent packets and cleaning products:

  1. Store household products out of the reach and sight of children. Young children are often at eye level with items on counters and under kitchen and bathroom sinks, so keep cleaning supplies, laundry packets, hand sanitizers and personal care products out of reach of children.
  2. Keep cleaning products in their original containers and read product labels. Use and store the products according to the product label. Children can get into things quickly, so remember not to leave cleaning supplies or personal care products unattended while you’re using them.
  3. Save the Poison Help number in your phone and post it prominently at home: 1-800-222-1222. Poison center specialists provide free, confidential, specialist medical advice around the clock. They can answer questions and help in a poisoning emergency.

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These are some of the findings of an Ipsos poll conducted between February 16 and February 17, 2022 on behalf of the American Cleaning Institute. For this survey, a sample of 1,005 adults aged 18 and over from the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii were interviewed online in English. The survey has a credibility interval of plus or minus 3.8 percentage points for all respondents.

Safe Kids Worldwide is a non-profit organization working to protect children from preventable injury, the leading cause of death among children in the United States. Safe Kids works with an extensive network of over 400 coalitions in the United States and with partners in over 30 countries to reduce traffic accidents, drownings, falls, burns, poisonings and more. Since 1988, Safe Kids has helped reduce the infant death rate from unintentional injuries in the United States by nearly 60%. Join our efforts at

the American Cleaning Institute® (ACI – is the headquarters of the US Cleaning Products Industry® and represents the $60 billion cleaning product supply chain in the United States. ICA members include manufacturers and formulators of soaps, detergents and general cleaning products used in household, commercial, industrial and institutional settings; the companies that supply the ingredients and finished packaging for these products; and chemical distributors. ACI serves the growth and innovation of the American cleaning products industry by advancing people’s health and quality of life and protecting our planet. ACI achieves this through an ongoing commitment to sound science and by being a credible voice for the cleaning products industry.

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