SafKan Health Launches OtoSet Ear Cleaning Device

Having recently announced its partnership, SafKan Health has announced that it will provide Beltone’s nationwide network with the ability to offer patients an ear cleaning service to manage excess earwax. Excess earwax or impact is very common and can lead to hearing loss, tinnitus, vertigo, aches and coughing. To address the need for a safer and more effective solution to treat impacted earwax, SafKan Health has developed what it says is “the first automated, FDA-cleared ear cleaning device called OtoSet.”

OtoSet Ear Cleaning System by SafKan Health

How OtoSet works
In a rapid cleaning cycle, the flow of liquid is directed from the solution containers through the disposable tips and to the walls of the ear canals to break down earwax. Continuous micro-suction draws earwax and fluid through the earmolds and into disposable waste containers for what it calls “an easy, safe, efficient and mess-free procedure.” To see a brief demo, click here.

Benefits include:

  • Better hearing, according to the company. Earwax is a common reason for frustration with hearing aids and earwax tends to get harder and less mobile as you age, which can create hearing loss and prevent a full ear exam.
  • Clinically proven. OtoSet is said to be “the first FDA-approved ear cleaning device to quickly and safely remove mild to severe earwax impactions.”
  • Automating. OtoSet combines and controls two popular methods of earwax removal: irrigation and micro-aspiration.
  • Greater access. Helps enable providers to “reduce referrals to otolaryngologists, creating greater trust with patients and better service.”

“Excess earwax is one of the leading causes of hearing aid damage. Access to care for earwax management can be difficult when so many patients need to be referred to specialists. OtoSet enables more patients to be treated at the initial point of care,” said Sahil Diwan, co-founder and CEO of SafKan Health. “We are thrilled to partner with Beltone and work together to provide patients with the best hearing care .”

“We are pleased to be able to extend Beltone’s ear cleaning services to patients through our partnership with SafKan Health’s OtoSet as another solution to treating excess earwax,” said Mike Halloran, President of Beltone. “We look forward to continuing to provide patients with the highest level of care through innovative service offerings such as this, in addition to the incredible benefits of Beltone hearing aids.”

About SafKan Health
SafKan Health is a medical device startup based in Seattle, Washington. The company’s first product, OtoSet, is “the first automated, FDA-approved ear cleaning device for the 35 million Americans affected by earwax buildup.” In 2021, OtoSet® was recognized as the winner of the Hearing Technology Innovator Award. Find out how healthcare providers are reducing referrals and treating more patients at:

About Beltone
As part of the GN Group, Beltone continues to focus on the needs of our patients through research and development of new innovative hearing technologies and extensive and ongoing training for our hearing care professionals to enable you to hear what really matters. most. For more information, visit:

Source: SafKan Health, Beltone

Image: SafKan Health, Beltone

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