Professional Car Detailers Share the Best Home Car Cleaning Products

From floor mats to windshields, cleaning your car is all about the little things. Perhaps that is why intensive car cleaning is literally called detailing.

“Detail is massive attention to detail,” Theo Ursa, a professional detailer and owner of Ursa Major Auto Detailing in Glouchester, Massachusetts, told HuffPost. “While a car wash takes about five to 10 minutes, the detail is about solving problems and cleaning until it’s perfect.”

As Ursa said, detailing a car means making the car look the best it can be, inside and out. Exterior details include paint restoration and polishing and work on the wheels and rims, while interior details include upholstery and protection of the seats and dashboards, making sure they don’t get damaged. not fade from UV rays. “You keep the condition [of the car] to deteriorate at all,” they said.

Myron Pierce, professional retailer and owner of Tri Cities Detail in West Richland, Wash., and co-owner of online store Detail Studio, explained that retail often becomes a combination of full-service professional cleaning and regular home maintenance. Car geeks and neat freaks will take their car to a detailer a few times a year and also do frequent in-home cleanings to keep their wheels fresh between visits.

“On the professional side, we use carpet extractors, stain removers, we have pet hair tools. We understand all the interior components between safety and appearance,” Pierce told HuffPost. at home is usually going to be vacuuming, wiping down the interior, applying protection, washing the car, maybe putting some wax on it. The basics.”

While a professional retailer has professional equipment (like pressure washers and industrial vacuums), Ursa and Pierce agree that home cleanings are just as important. From no-rinse washes to five-horsepower vacuums, they shared their favorite at-home car cleaning products.

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