PPG introduces innovations in paints, coatings and specialty materials that improve durability, efficiency and mobility

AMSTERDAM–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PPG (NYSE:PPG) today showcased its latest innovations to the media at its production and research and development (R&D) facilities in Amsterdam. The event focused on advances in three key areas – sustainability, efficiency and mobility – reflecting the company’s goals of helping customers reduce costs, reduce their environmental footprint and support the global transition to electric vehicles (EVs).

Recent PPG innovations highlighted at the event include:

  • PPG CORACHAR® battery fire protection coatings for electric vehicles reduce weight, increase battery performance and support passenger and first responder safety in the event of a fire.

  • PPG ENVIROCRON™ LUM powder coating is the first-ever retroreflective commercial powder coating. The coating reflects light back to its source with minimal scattering, making objects like bicycles and road barriers appear brighter at night.

  • The PPG MAVIS™ digital color styling platform helps automotive designers dramatically speed up the process of creating new colors and effects for their latest vehicles using exceptionally realistic three-dimensional modeling.

  • PPG’s SOLARON BLUE PROTECTION™ UV+ blocking technology provides enhanced, long-lasting protection of aircraft windows against exposure to high-energy ultraviolet and visible blue light, helping to address a major industry concern aeronautics.

  • The PPG SPRAYMASTER™ System is a revolutionary hand-held sprayer specifically designed for exterior woodwork. It is up to 50% faster than brush/roller application and offers fast drying and excellent opacity in one coat.

  • PPG SIGMAGLIDE™ 1290 Silicone Marine Coating prevents fouling species from attaching to a vessel without the use of biocides. Its slippery surface also reduces energy demand by up to 20%, helping the shipping industry meet key sustainability goals.

  • The PPG MOONWALK® System is an automated finish paint mixing system that saves labor time, reduces waste and transforms the finish mixing room into a clean and safe environment.

  • PPG iSENSE™ outer coatings protect cans from damage and provide sensory surface effects, such as a textured feel or visual effects like matte and satin. This allows brands to produce unique designs to enhance product differentiation on the shelf.

  • PPG’s LIGHT & EASY™ exterior masonry coatings help alleviate the problems faced by painters who have to handle heavy cans. It reduces paint weight by up to 30% compared to standard coatings while maintaining the same performance.

“It is a great privilege to showcase our latest advancements,” said Roald Johannsen, PPG vice president, Automotive Coatings, Europe, Middle East and Africa. “Our R&D strength is recognized, with new product sales accounting for 24% of our total sales in 2021. Additionally, 38% of our sales came from sustainably advantaged products during the year.”

PPG is focused on product innovations that tie into its 2025 sustainability goals, including increased safety, reduced energy consumption and minimization of waste throughout the value chain. To learn more about PPG’s sustainability efforts, visit sustainability.ppg.com.


At PPG (NYSE:PPG), we work every day to develop and deliver the specialty paints, coatings and materials our customers have trusted for nearly 140 years. Through our dedication and creativity, we solve our customers’ biggest challenges, collaborating closely to find the right path forward. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, we operate and innovate in more than 75 countries and had net sales of $16.8 billion in 2021. We serve customers in the construction, consumer products, markets industrial and transportation and secondary markets. To learn more, visit www.ppg.com.

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