PaydayNow Guide to Janitorial, Housekeeping, and Maintenance Services Financing

Like other businesses, cleaning and maintenance involve long hours and meticulous attention to detail. As your company expands, you may need to invest cash to be competitive, but you may not have the finances available. Find funding for janitorial products for business or household cleaning.

How to Fund Your Cleaning Service

Here are some reasons to fund your company’s expansion:

Buy a Work Vehicle

Is your automobile unsuitable for business? Janitorial equipment finance may help you acquire a new or used cargo van to give your business a more professional image.

Invest in Tools

Aside from a car, the expenditures of running a company may rapidly build up. A cleaning business loan might help you buy and more:

  • A janitor’s cart
  • Solution tanks
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Vacuum and extractor
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Expert carpet cleaner
  • Scrubber and polisher for floors
  • Deep cleaning machines
  • Clean-Up Supplies

Are you seeking to buy in bulk or refill your supplies? Stock up on paper, disinfectants, degreasers, and floor cleaners.

Get the Word Out!

The SBA advises small company owners to spend 7–8% of yearly sales on marketing, divided between brand building (e.g., website) and promotions (e.g., advertising campaigns).

If your cleaning firm makes $100,000 a year, that’s $7,000-$8,000 in marketing. If you’re a newcomer, you may need to spend more to be noticed. Getting a loan might help when you don’t have enough cash.

Cleaning Company Loans

Cleaning Equipment Loans

Obtain an equipment loan to buy the vehicles and machines your company needs. You may be able to get all the money you need.

Borrowing Term

This small company loan may be used for almost any cost. With a term loan, you get a lump amount of money that you pay back in monthly payments. Depending on your lender and loan conditions, you may pay daily, weekly, or monthly.

Business Credit Line

A company line of credit may be the ideal financing option for you if you require seasonal access to capital. Like a credit card, you’re authorized for a particular amount that you may use whenever you need it, for an emergency or a last-minute buy. Repaying your debt restores your credit line, which you may use again and again.

SBA Loan

Many small company owners select an SBA loan if they want extended payback periods and low rates. These loans are less hazardous for lenders since the SBA partly guarantees them.

Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance may be an option if you need cash quickly. This short-term funding option is available to company owners with bad credit.

Where To Look Cleaning Business Loans

There are several alternatives for maintenance service financing. Consider these points while assessing small business loans.

Typical Lenders

You can start with a traditional lender like a bank if you need financing for cleaning and janitorial supplies. After all, banks are the preferred lender for company owners.

In recent years, banks have made it more difficult to get finance. High credit scores and collateral restrictions are only two reasons many small company owners look for alternatives. It may take a long time.

Other Lenders

Many entrepreneurs can’t afford to wait months to find out whether they’ve satisfied a bank’s criteria. Nonbank lenders increasingly fund housekeeping and cleaning enterprises.

While the loan rates and conditions may be higher than traditional lenders, you will benefit from simplified procedures and quick cash. Many small company owners do.

Applications for Cleaning and Maintenance Services Business Loans

You may apply for PaydayNow financing for janitorial supplies or cleaning equipment with the following criteria and documentation:


  • 500+ FICO
  • Six months in business, $120,000 revenue

What You’ll Need:

  • Business and personal information
  • monthly bank statements

PaydayNow Janitorial Supplies Financing can help you satisfy client demands and keep your company running.

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