Opera company heads to Brighton for beach decor materials

The company AN OPERA is ditching unsustainable sets for recycled alternatives, as it launches a beach clean-up campaign this summer.

London-based Green Opera will scour Brighton beach for rubbish and collect any materials suitable for the stage design, before the rest is sent to the recycling centre.

It’s part of the band’s initiative to produce music and theater in a way that doesn’t harm the planet.

However, director Eleanor Burke said while her productions are environmentally conscious, it will not be a theme that runs through her shows.

“I found an artist who makes textiles out of things she found and the beach, and there were a lot of artists doing that, but not so many people doing that on a scale. a theater set,” she said.

Rubbish on Brighton beach after a busy time

“I was curious to see if we could incorporate the skills they have into the world of opera.

“The way I want to do operas is not that every time you see an opera, the concept is the planet. What I want at the end of the day is for everyone to work in a sustainable way, where we are not being virtuous for the planet.

“I want people to enjoy it and then be like ‘oh, that was sustainable, that’s good’.

“Big opera companies that have huge sets – if they revive a production then they can be reused, they keep everything. But if the production is a huge flop, everything gets scrapped, basically.

Eleanor has teamed up with Surfers Against Sewage, which is running a Million Mile Clean campaign – its biggest beach cleanup project to date.

The Argus: Anna-Luise Wagner (left) and Chloë Allision (right) in 'Fillu' by Eleanor BurkeAnna-Luise Wagner (left) and Chloë Allision (right) in ‘Fillu’ by Eleanor Burke

The campaign hopes to get 100,000 people each year to help clean up their environment.

Green Opera’s cleanup on Saturday June 18 will be its first – although there will be other events later in the summer.

“I’ve never raced one before but visited a few – we thought Brighton would be a good place to start,” she said.

“We also organize educational workshops. It’s a fairly young company, but with big dreams.

The Eleanor Cleanse will take place for two hours starting at 2pm, meet at Brighton Beach opposite the Tempest Inn.

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