Omega Seiki and Log 9 Materials Collaborate to Deploy 10,000 InstaChargable Fast Electric Vehicles

Omega Seiki Mobility (OSM) and battery technology startup Log9 Materials today announced a strategic partnership to deploy 10,000 Rage+ Rapid 3-wheel electric vehicles in India’s Tier II and Tier III markets by FY24. These 3W EV cargo chargers will be backed by Log9’s InstaCharging stations which promise to fully charge a 3W in 35 minutes, compared to up to 3.5 hours taken by conventional 3Ws.

In India, the last mile logistics sector in the e-commerce industry is expected to grow 9x to reach USD 5.23 billion by 2025. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, local restrictions and demand for online shopping have led to a fundamental change. change in buying behavior. Today, one in five e-commerce platform customers are from Tier II and Tier III cities. For small loads, 3W utility vehicles are quickly becoming a preferred choice for last mile delivery.

Driven by this demand, Log9 and OSM are working together in their mission to pioneer responsible energy and thus go beyond metropolitan and Tier I cities. The partnership between Omega Seiki Mobility and Log9 will facilitate the investment of INR 150 crore in setting up fast charging infrastructure across the country by FY24. At the same time, Log9 and OSM will also establish fleet partners in each of these cities/towns who will be early adopters and ambassadors of EV technologies for their respective markets.

Speaking about the partnership, Uday Narang, Founder and Chairman of Omega Seiki Mobility said, “Omega Seiki Mobility is a born electric OEM that aims to ‘enhance electric mobility in India’ in its truest sense. Currently, the last mile delivery ecosystem is advancing by leaps and bounds, and the shift to Tier II and III electric vehicles is becoming imperative to counter environmental concerns from vehicle emissions, as two-thirds of India resides in levels II, III and small towns.

He added: “The E-3Ws, due to their low operating and maintenance costs as well as zero tailpipe emissions, are an economically viable and environmentally friendly option for commercial use. in these cities. Our collaboration with Log9 is a major step in this direction. The company has a solid track record in its modern technology and electric vehicle charging solution to ensure optimal range and increased productivity, which will play a central role in creating OSM Rage + Rapid EV the three-wheeler India’s most popular electric car.

Dr Akshay Singhal, Founder and CEO of Log9 Materials, adds, “We strongly believe that India’s vision of becoming a fully electric vehicle-led nation by 2030 can only be achieved if the cities and towns of Levels II and III join the movement and add more fuel to electric mobility and the country’s clean energy transition. As last mile B2B deliveries continue to evolve but gain significant momentum in Tier II and Tier III markets, we believe this initiative by Log9 and OSM will provide further momentum to vehicle adoption. electricity in these areas.

He added: “Additionally, the adoption of electric vehicles will also prove more cost effective in the long run compared to ICE vehicles. So, with guaranteed power, performance and peace of mind for end users and other stakeholders, Log9 and OSM are committed to bringing about the electric vehicle revolution in Bharat.

Vivek Dhawan, Marketing, Sales and Service Director at Omega Seiki Mobility, said, “We are delighted to extend our partnership with Log9, which has a long history of strong performance in the electric vehicle technology market. We seek to develop a cohesive ecosystem for the industry and electric vehicle users across the country. We are becoming hyperlocal with the presence of public fast-charging infrastructures, thus democratizing the instant availability of these chargers, thus eliminating the anxiety linked to autonomy.

Notably, Log9 leveraged its cell-to-pack competence to develop its InstaCharge batteries that deliver 9x faster charging, 9x better performance, and 9x battery life. Log9’s InstaCharge technology reduces total charging time, further optimizing the utilization of charging infrastructure and operational profitability for fleets.

Additionally, Log9’s RapidX batteries are designed to operate between -30° and 60° C and have an operational life of over 15,000 cycles, providing a seamless experience and completely revolutionizing the last mile logistics industry. .

Omega Seiki Mobility believes in creating sustainable mobility solutions with an integrated approach to connecting automobiles and society. The brand’s goal is to ultimately create a clean ecosystem with environmentally friendly, safe and congestion-free mobility. OSM is one of the leading clean energy incubators in India and has become synonymous with

sustainability success. The electric vehicle manufacturing company aims to accelerate future mobility, with green energy at its core, by implementing intelligent data-driven engineering.

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