Officials inaugurate OPG’s nuclear material sorting facility in Kincardine

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Ontario Power Generation anticipates that its proposed 42,000 square foot nuclear material sorting facility in Kincardine will be operational by the same time next year.

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A groundbreaking ceremony for the Western Clean-Energy Sorting & Recycling (WCSR) project was held Thursday at the Bruce Energy Center industrial park, approximately three kilometers east of OPG’s Western waste management facility.

The WCSR facility, under construction by Laurentis Energy Partners and Dancor Construction, will be operated by OPG and will sort low-level radioactive waste with the aim of diverting more nuclear by-products for reuse or recycling as well as reducing volumes. through processing.

“This new facility represents an opportunity to support the Three Rs and reduce our environmental footprint,” said Jason Wooland, director of western operations for OPG’s nuclear sustainability services, in a statement.

“We can minimize the amount of nuclear by-products in storage by carefully sorting and separating what is clean, what is recyclable, and what can be processed to reduce the volume. That’s good news for the environment – and it’s translating into new jobs at Kincardine.

Once operational, OPG says the facility will employ 25 people, who will be part of the Power Workers Union.

The installation will work as well.

Materials classified as low-level radioactive will arrive at OPG’s facilities, including its Pickering and Darlington nuclear generating stations. The “legacy” items currently in storage, some for many years, at the Western Waste Management Facility at the Bruce Power site will also be transported to the WCSR facility.

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The materials include things like work clothes, small tools, mops and rags used in the nuclear industry.

Workers will examine each item and use handheld radiation detectors to sort materials.

“A lot of it – 60% of it – turns out to be transformable, which means we can incinerate or compact it and drastically reduce the volume and that means fewer buildings to store these things until we have a permanent disposal facility, ”said Fred Kuntz, OPG senior manager, corporate relations and projects for Bruce County, in an interview.

Clean materials can be recycled and reused.

Laurentis, a commercial subsidiary of OPG, has announced its intention to build the WCSR facility based on the successes achieved so far at its facility of the Energy Materials Sorting and Recycling Research Initiative. Hamilton-specific.

Laurentis and McMaster University are currently exploring new methods and technologies, such as automated sorting and optimized radiation detection methods, at the Hamilton facility to help divert more nuclear by-products for reuse and recycling, according to a press release from Laurentis.

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