Mother’s Day: Kärcher cleaning products used by Stacey Solomon and Mrs Hinch – Buy yours here

It’s almost spring time and if you’re an avid cleaner, you may be starting to declutter or freshen up your home.

Although cleaning may seem boring to some, many of us are away with a spray bottle in hand and our favorite music is blasting around us.

With Mother’s Day taking place on Sunday 27th March this year, if you need inspiration for a gift for the special woman in your life, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s how you can make cleaning fun with products used by celebrities like Stacey Solomon and Ms. Hinch.

Kärcher has rounded up some ideal gifts for mums this year and they suit a variety of budgets.

Gift ideas for Mother’s Day from Kärcher

WV Vac Window 1

Window Vac WV1 (Kärcher)

Price: £42.99

This device is easy to transport from one surface to another. It’s rechargeable and lasts up to 25 minutes when charged, giving you plenty of time to give your windows the love they deserve.

It is versatile with the ability to clean windows as well as liquid spills on floors and countertops.

Buy it here.

Window vacuum cleaner WV 5 Plus N

North Wales Chronicle: Window Vac WV 5 Plus N (Kärcher)Window Vac WV 5 Plus N (Kärcher)

Price: £94.99

If you’ve wondered which handheld vacuum Stacey Solomon uses, look no further.

Channel your inner Stacey with the Window Vac WV 5 Plus N and get clean windows, tiles, and shower walls while doing it.

With 35 minutes of cleaning available after a full charge, your surfaces can be cleaned in one go.

Buy it here.

Home Power control K 4

North Wales Chronicle: K 4 Power Control Home (Kärcher)K 4 Power Control Home (Kärcher)

Price: £289.99

At the time of writing this item is on sale and available for £239.99.

If that’s not enough, gift the K 4 Power Control Home, another item Stacey knows and loves.

The Home Kit included with the K 4 Power Control Home gives you everything you need to achieve clean surfaces.

Buy it here.

K 7 Premium Smart Control Home

North Wales Chronicle: K 7 Premium Smart Control Home (Kärcher)K 7 Premium Smart Control Home (Kärcher)

Price: £629.99

Give your loved one the gift of cleaning like Mrs. Hinch with this K 7 Premium Smart Control Home Pressure Washer.

Included with this pressure washer, a T 7 terrace cleaner and Stone & Facade detergent.

If you know your mom’s patio needs cleaning before BBQ season, give this pressure washer a spin.

Buy it here.

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