McGreals Health Introduces Innovative Novaerus Defend 400 Air Purifying Device

MCGREALS Health has launched the innovative Defend 400 as the next generation model in its Novaerus line of air purifying devices.

uses pioneering patented NanoStrike™ air disinfection technology, it inactivates 99.9% of all airborne viruses, bacteria and fungi, including Sars-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid, and mitigates odors, pollen and mold spores to support user health and well-being all year round.

The portable, medical-grade Defend 400 features four-stage pathogen inactivation and filtration. The NanoStrike system inactivates while the use of medical-grade filters capture nanoscale pathogens in the air, providing rapid and advanced air disinfection and purification for users.

The Irish-designed Defend 400 improves indoor air quality (IAQ), is FDA approved and CE marked. People with respiratory conditions and allergies have seen a positive benefit from using Novaerus devices and its use has also been shown to reduce workplace absenteeism.

Deirdre Devitt, CEO of Novaerus by McGreals Health, which distributes the devices in Ireland, said: “We are delighted to add the Novaerus Defend 400 to our product portfolio. Indoor air quality has become an essential component of health and safety in all businesses and organizations across all sectors.

“Providing clean air is a priority, especially when you know that indoor air can be up to two or even five times more polluted than outdoor air. As we have learned, this can lead to illnesses and infections, but we also know that it can reduce cognitive function, which impacts productivity levels in the workplace.

“Clean air technology can play a pivotal role in supporting everyone’s well-being and comfort, whether at home, at work, or in any indoor environment.”

The Novaerus range of portable air purifiers are available in four sizes suitable for small and large spaces.

Developed by WellAir, Novaerus devices are sold in 72 countries worldwide, supporting all industries with additional frontline protection without generating harmful byproducts to purify the air 24/7. The Defend 400 is available from €6,500 excluding tax.

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