Make it Earth Day every day!

At Applied Materials, making a positive contribution to the world is the foundation of our culture and our vision to make possible® a better future.

Employees bring this vision to life every year through EarthWorks—Applied’s annual campaign to inspire employees around the world to learn, take dedicated action for environmental sustainability, and explore the natural world around us. We encourage all of our employees to “Make it Earth Day Every Day” by pursuing sustainable actions throughout the year.

Launching the campaign in April, Applied employees around the world celebrated sustainability (while following local COVID safety protocols). Here are some important points:

WE employees connected in person to clean up communities by picking up litter and planting flowers, and aimed to reduce carbon emissions by getting out of their cars and onto their bikes. With a focus on small actions for a big impact, they decorated reusable tote bags and learned how to make seed bombs (small clusters of seeds designed to thrive in urban or neglected landscapes). Employees also gathered virtually to learn more about climate advocacy and the impact of waste on communities of color.

Employees across China focused on sustainable fashion, holding a number of activities and workshops with the nonprofit Shanghai Roots & Shoots to better understand eco-friendly materials and encourage employees to make informed fashion choices .

photo taken by Applied WeChat and Shanghai Roots & Shoots Weibo
Photo by Applied WeChat and Shanghai Roots & Shoots Weibo.

In India, employees celebrated EarthWorks through several different events, including an activity to create 15,000 seed pellets to be launched in collaboration with United Way of Bengaluru. Employees also participated in a lake clean-up and volunteered to make paper bags that will be used by street vendors as a replacement for plastic bags.

group photo of Indian employees standing with Applied Materials sign

The team in Israel participated in a reclaimed wood carpentry workshop, sampled vegan and eco-friendly meals at the campus café, and participated in an urban sustainability tour and herbal workshop in Tel Aviv.

In Japanemployees helped plant trees in Iwanuma, an area severely damaged by the 2011 earthquake and resulting tsunami.

group shot of Japanese employees holding Applied Materials sign

Korean employees organized a water conservation campaign and shared many ways to save water on a daily basis. They also focused on water purification, bringing together employees to visit local contaminated waterways to learn about and participate in water purification activities.

Employees in Singapore came together to connect with nature by planting trees with the National Parks Board, cleaning up Changi Beach (they removed over 30 kg of litter!) and taking part in an “Earth Hour” to save energy.

two singapore employees pick up trash on the beach

In Taiwanemployees volunteered to pack environmental education kits for local elementary school students with Taiwan’s Jane Goodall Institute, got together to clean up a beach in Tainan City, and learned about biodiversity.

a group of employees in Taiwan packing environmental kits

Although this year’s EarthWorks campaign is coming to an end, our employees are encouraged to continue their sustainability efforts throughout the year, advancing our vision of making a better future possible.

Get inspired by visiting Applied’s corporate responsibility webpage and follow us on Twitter @Applied4Good to see how we engage in environmental sustainability and other efforts around the world.

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