London-based cleaning company shares the benefits of post-construction cleaning services

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We understand that home renovations are an exciting business, but many homeowners overlook the importance of post-renovation services.

—Monika Beutel

LONDON, UK, August 31, 2022 / — Clean up all the crew Ltd, an accredited cleaning company based in London, shared the benefits of hiring post-construction cleaning services after the renovations. Post-construction cleaning is a cleaning service performed by professionals hired at the end of residential or commercial renovation work.

The company has identified several benefits of these services, including the use of professional cleaning products, tools and equipment that builders typically don’t have access to. It also saves owners from having to purchase property on their own, which would further increase their expenses.

Clean All Crew also stresses the importance of health and safety when it comes to post-construction cleanup. The company notes that hiring a professional service can prevent occupants from becoming ill or injured as a result of mishandling hazardous substances at a renovated site. These hazardous materials and substances can include corrosive chemicals, broken glass and metal.

Another benefit of post-construction cleaning services includes proper waste disposal, as professional cleaners know how and where to remove potential health and safety hazards and will follow local regulations. Since post-construction cleaners are experienced in cleaning these types of properties, they may also be able to point out areas that still need attention, ensuring that all spaces perform as intended.

Speaking on the relevance of post-construction cleaning services, a spokeswoman for Clean All Crew Ltd, Monika Beutel, said: “We understand that property renovations are an exciting business, but many landlords overlook the importance of post-renovation services. “

“A thorough cleaning after a renovation is very necessary given the amount of dust and debris left on the site. There are also health and environmental concerns around post-construction cleaning, requiring owners to operate diligently and hire the expertise of a professional service, such as Clean All Crew Ltd.

Founded in 2015, Clean All Crew Ltd comprises a team of cleaners, gardeners and property maintenance workers who are committed to ensuring owners receive high quality post construction cleaning services. Other services provided by the company include painting, decorating, jet washing and end-of-lease cleaning. They are happy to provide tailored advice and expertise to residential and commercial building owners looking for post renovation services. For more information on this service, visit their website

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