Log9 Materials Launches Native Cell Manufacturing Line

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Log9 Materials, a Bangalore-based advanced battery and tech startup, has unveiled India’s first developed cell manufacturing plant at Log9 Campus, Jakkuru, Bangalore, taking the very first step towards India’s self-sufficiency (thus enabling #AatmanirbharBharat) to meet future national e-mobility targets. This state-of-the-art cell manufacturing facility built by Log9 will be the largest cell production line in Southeast Asia. At a time when the majority of cells and batteries used in Indian EVs are imported from other countries, this development breathes new life into the country’s mobility vision to significantly shift to electric from here. 2030. More so, this milestone also puts India on the global map of deep tech organizations, which will further pave the way for next generation Indian startups to rise up and shine in the arena of deep tech. deep technology in times to come.

The groundbreaking day for the country’s first cell manufacturing line was proudly called “Day Zero” by Log9 Materials; this day also marked the 7 of Log9and anniversary, since the startup was founded in 2015. Day Zero refers to the starting point in terms of reinventing electric mobility in India and redefining innovation for years to come, and most importantly, the commemoration of a special day marking the auspicious start of an everlasting transformation in India’s electric vehicle sector. The event was organized with the aim of not only celebrating this momentous achievement of Log9, but also addressing some of the most relevant and noteworthy questions and concerns regarding the EV transformation ecosystem in India today. . Notably, with the newly launched facility, Log9 aims to achieve at least 50 MWh of peak cellular generation capacity over the next year, and then they would increase to over 5 GWh over the next five years.

Day Zero catalyzed and provided momentum to Log9’s founding of the responsible delivery movement – ​​an initiative in which they strive to reduce the carbon footprint generated by the last mile logistics sector in India. During the Day Zero celebration by Log9, Dr. K Sivan, former President of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) was present as the chief guest, and Smt. Gunjan Krishna, IAS, Commissioner, Department of Industries and Commerce, Government of Karnataka was the guest of honour. Other notable dignitaries and guests in attendance included Log9’s investors, advisors, business partners and ecosystem partners, including senior executives and representatives from companies like Amara Raja Batteries Limited (ARBL), Umicore, CBC and BluSmart, among others.

Speaking at the event, ISRO Past President Dr K Sivan drew a parallel between ISRO Founder Dr Vikram Sarabhai’s vision and Log9’s vision for future advancement from India. “Just as Dr. Sarabhai understood many years ago and emphasized indigenous innovation to advance and reap the large-scale benefits of space technology, so too research and development Log9’s groundbreaking indigenous infrastructure will bring India closer to self-sufficiency in the energy storage and electric vehicle sectors in the near future,” said Dr K Sivan.

He further added, “Today, materials science and technology skills are the need of the hour for the advancement of India, and Log9 is already doing a tremendous job in this area. I am convinced that cells and batteries produced locally in India, pioneered by Log9 and supported by innovative technology, cell chemistry and high energy density, will not only make India proud and self-sufficient, but also create long term a story for India and all. world. I believe that with Indian companies like Log9 taking the lead and leading the way for disruption and innovation in our country, the day is not far off when even giant foreign companies like Tesla would buy us cells!

Smt. Gunjan Krishna, IAS, Commissioner, Department of Industries and Commerce, Government of Karnataka, congratulated Log9 on its unique achievement and said, “It is inspiring and exciting to see the work being done by Indian startups like Log9 helping the goals nation’s climate action plan as well as advancing the cause of improving our planet. Developing climate-friendly technologies and products is imperative today as the country increasingly shifts from conventional fuel sources to clean or renewable alternative energy sources. And to enable this, creating innovative and future-ready energy storage solutions in India, for India, will be key. I’m excited to see Log9 take a step forward with its amazing battery and cell manufacturing capabilities.

Dr. Akshay Singhal, Co-Founder and CEO of Log9 Materials, said, “At Log9, we are extremely proud and excited to launch the first cell manufacturing line in India, which represents a giant leap in empowering of India with all the flexibility and scale that would be needed to give the country the right momentum to usher in its EV-driven future. So for Log9, Day Zero marks the day that will usher in a new era of cells made in India for India. This special day also marks our 7and anniversary and is therefore billed as the culmination of LogNiners’ groundbreaking efforts throughout our seven-year journey so far. Our cells were designed from the ground up in India, for India; and this means that Log9’s cells and batteries are best suited for Indian operating conditions, climate and customers, and hence they are going to play a crucial role in making India self-sufficient while helping the nation achieve its ambitious vision of electric mobility. With the momentum generated by Log9’s Day Zero event, we will move forward and pledge to do all we can to enable our country to accelerate and lead in the intersectional areas of e- mobility, EV technology, clean energy and clean technology, sustainability and deep technologies.

Kartik Hajela, Co-Founder and COO, Log9 Materials added, “It is ironic but true that India, despite being a talent-rich economy, still lacks innovation in deep tech and electrical technology. When we at Log9 started our journey, we could have either borrowed from what was on the market and continued to develop it; but instead we chose to work on a blank canvas, and over the years, with multiple trials, errors and failures, we were able to improve our product and our technologies. And today, with the greatest pride, we can announce that we have finally made our mark by bringing India the very best in battery and cell technology available. India as a market requires products that are tailor-made for the country and not taken from another market. In this regard, we have been able to fully understand the pulse of the market and our customers and thus bring them the best that the world has to offer. Whether it’s designing products or the impact they have on the ecosystem to enable our stakeholders to make a positive difference around the world, it’s the responsibility that drives Log9 and that will carry on our transformative legacy in times to come.

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