Launch of SmartChem token to promote eco-friendly cleaning products

The €50 billion global market for industrial cleaning products has a significant ecological impact. The harsh chemicals used for different types of cleaning are harmful to the environment and difficult to dispose of properly. SmartChem uses its patented Smart Fluids chemical technology to provide a safer alternative for removing grease, dust and dirt with biodegradable and pH neutral ingredients.

To raise awareness and facilitate access to environmentally friendly products, SmartChem is organizing a symbolic sale.

SMAC that dirty

SMAC acts as the native utility token of the SmartChem platform. Unlike other tokens available in the market, SMAC is more than just a token for transactions. As part of the Change2Green campaign, it represents a holder’s desire to invest for impact and work for a cleaner, greener earth. Supporting tokens means that individuals and companies represent:

  • A commitment to a better land.
  • Support the environment.
  • Commitment to having a positive impact.
  • Support the efforts of environmental NGOs.
  • Increase their support for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Other blockchain-based tokens only entice investors with financial impact. Although SMAC also has a monetary advantage, it has a fallback option where (even if the market value drops) it can be traded on the SmartChem platform instead of buying any cleaning product offered by Intelligent Fluids .

In this way, SMAC holders not only have the opportunity to increase their wealth, but also use the SMAC as reward vouchers. The use and attire of SMAC also demonstrates the commitment to environmental protection by using environmentally friendly products and staying away from harmful and toxic chemicals.

How do SmartChem products work?

Patented technology, Smart Fluids are a range of industrial cleaning products free of harmful and toxic substances usually found in traditional cleaning chemicals. It uses a physical cleaning effect rather than a chemical process. Instead of an aggressive chemical reaction to bind dirt and other unwanted residues, the oleophilic and hydrophilic nature of the cleaning materials means that all kinds of grease, dirt and other unwanted substances are removed without damaging the surface material. At the same time, the use of environmentally friendly ingredients makes it safer for the environment.

SmartChem intelligent fluids can be used in a wide variety of applications:

  • General cleaning: remove residues, stains and dirt from equipment, machinery and floors.
  • Degreasing of raw materials: Preparation of substrates for processing by removing grease, fats and oils.
  • Stripping: Remove metallic layers, color residues and photoresist layers.
  • Adhesive removal: Get rid of glues, adhesives and other resins used to bind equipment, whether permanent or temporary.

Compliance with UN Sustainable Development Goals

The UN has defined 17 different Sustainable Development Goals that the world must achieve to protect itself. SmartChem products comply with 10 of them:

  • Climate action
  • Drinking water and sanitation
  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Responsible consumption and production
  • Good health and well-being
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • life under water
  • life on earth
  • Partnerships for goals

The funds raised through the token sale will be used by SmartChem to grow and grow its network globally. The platform intends to use these funds to expand its operations in Asia, the United States and the MENA region. At the same time, it will also increase its production capacity exponentially to 13,500 tons per year from its existing 500.

With the launch of the project in 2017, SmartChem has won numerous awards for its innovative and eco-friendly approach, including the BTC-TV Blockchain Stars Award and the NOURYON Global Imagine Chemistry Award in 2019, the Global Green Product Award for Circular Materials and Heraeus Global Accelerator Winner in 2021.

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