KOICA-KORAA donates essential materials to ECD center in Muhanga

The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) organized a community outreach activity as part of its “Agenda for Building Resilience against COVID-19” in collaboration with the KOICA Rwanda Alumni Association (KORAA) on August 19, 2022 at the Soroptimist International Club/ECD Center in Muhanga District.

KORAA is the Rwandan association for those who have already participated in KOICA’s capacity development programs, including short-term online and invitational training as well as a master’s scholarship under the “Improvement and Advancement of Skills” program. capabilities for tomorrow (CIAT)”.

Community outreach consisted of activities designed to contribute to the local community, including cleaning up community roads, teaching English to children at the ECD center through music and dancing, and donating equipment. personal sanitation as well as basic necessities.

KOICA Rwanda office donated meals, washing soaps and toilet papers, mattresses and children’s books to the ECD center to help improve children’s educational outcomes and support the creation of an environment conducive to development of ECD children.

The total value of the donation made to the community and the ECD center was approximately Frw 2.9 million (USD 2,900).

“By organizing this community outreach, we want to build community resilience against COVID-19 through our ABC program and contribute to the Soroptimist International Club/ECD Center to strengthen children’s nutrition and educational outcomes,” said Mr. KwonHo KIM, Deputy Country Director. from the KOICA office in Rwanda. “We will jointly discuss with stakeholders the future of EDC and define its roles and responsibilities in achieving the ultimate goal of children’s right to early childhood education.”

Azele Kamusine, the legal representative of Soroptimist International Club, in her speech, appreciated KOICA Rwanda for supporting the children and their parents in the ECD center, and pointed out that the awareness activity was a great idea and that the community around the center will now be encouraged even more. focus on the welfare of their children. “Community outreach at the Soroptimist International Club/ECD center marks an important step in the roadmap towards building capacity and enhancing mindset change in the community of Muhanga District.”

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