Iti Students Develop Beach Cleaner | Bhubaneswar News

Berhampur: A new beach cleaning device, developed by students at the government-run Industrial Training Institute (ITI) here, was introduced to clean Gopalpur-on-Sea beach on Monday.
Ganjam collector Vijay Amruta Kulange unveiled the device and launched the reader. “The 1.5-wide, lightweight, roller-type Beach Clean Tool can be operated manually. It can clean almost any debris, even the smallest piece of trash from the surface of the sand in a limited amount of time. The eco-friendly tool can clean approximately 1,000 square feet in an hour, ”said Rajat Kumar Paniggrahy, director of ITI.
Kulenge has asked ITI officials to develop at least 10 additional devices to be used to clean the beaches of Gopalpur and Sonepur in the district.
“We got the concept of the sub-collector from Berhampur V Keerthi Vassan and then designed the tool by the students at the institute,” Panigrahy said, adding that before the launch they had tested the device at least three times on the beach and had changed it several times. . “It took us a month to fully develop the device,” he added.
During the Covid-19 pandemic, the institute developed several innovative products to fight the deadly virus. Four of these products – shoe disinfectant, Covid security system, Covid robo-barriers and sample collection kiosk – have been patented.

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