Inexpensive Bike Cleaning Products | Clean your bike inexpensively

We’ve found some great deals to help keep your bike and kit in good shape. Better yet, the discounts should mean you have more money for the bling bike than you actually want.

Inexpensive Bike Cleaning Products, Five Discounted Favorites

  • Mobi V-15 portable bicycle pressure washer: £ 99.99 £ 74.99
  • Assos Active Wear Cleanser 300ml: £ 13.99 £ 8
  • Park Tool CM-5.2 Cyclone Chain Scrub Tool: £ 27.99 £ 23.95
  • Cheap Bike Rack from Amazon: £ 59.99 £ 49.99
  • 8-in-1 Muc-Off Bike Cleaning Kit: £ 40 £ 25.99

Mobi V-15 portable bicycle pressure washer £ 99.99 £ 74.99

Mobi V-15 portable bicycle pressure washer.

The Mobi V-15 Diddy is a game-changing portable pressure washer when we first reviewed it ten years ago.

It can be powered from your car’s 12V outlet or from a 240V AC outlet and can hold 15 liters of water, making cleaning your bike a snap almost anywhere.

Assos Active Wear Cleanser 300ml £ 13.99 £ 8

Assos Active Wear Cleanser

Assos Active Wear Cleanser.

If you’ve shelled out a lot of money for an expensive kit, the last thing you want is regular trips to the washing machine to wash away colors, undermine Lycra, and usually ruin it.

Apparel company Assos has created a sportswear cleanser that they say is gentle on technical fabrics while being effective for cleaning.

Cheap Bike Rack from Amazon £ 59.99 £ 49.99

Amazon workshop stand

Inexpensive Bike Rack from Amazon.

Cleaning the bike and maintaining the bike in general is considerably easier with a work stand.

This Amazon bestselling item sells for a fraction of what you would expect to pay from most major brands.

8-in-1 Muc-Off Bike Cleaning Kit £ 40 £ 25.99

8-in-1 Muc-Off Bike Cleaning Kit

8 in 1 Muc-Off bike cleaning kit.

This kit from Muc-Off contains everything you will need to make your pride and joy shine again.

There is a liter of Muc-Off’s popular biodegradable cleanser and a soft sponge as well as several brushes for deep cleaning. Muc-Off’s bicycle post-wash protective spray is also included to ensure a good finish.

Park Tool CM-5.2 Cyclone Chain Scrub Tool £ 27.99 £ 23.95

Park Tool CM-5.2 Cyclone Chain Scrub Tool

Park Tool CM-5.2 Cyclone Chain Scrub Tool.
Parking tool

Regular cleaning and lubrication is essential to keep your transmission running and looking like it should.

Park Tool’s simple yet effective CM-5.2 chain cleaning tool is an efficient way to clean and degrease a bicycle chain.

Remember to order a suitable liquid degreaser to use with it.

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