I’m an expert in automotive products – the five best cleaning products for your vehicle and you already have them in the cupboard

SAVING time to go to a store and spend money can deter you from buying car cleaning products.

But you may not know that there are several household solutions at your fingertips.


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Consider using these handy tips for cleaning your car with everyday closet items the next time your vehicle needs a touch-up.

When cleaning your car windows and windshield, take a bottle of vinegar.

You can start cleaning your car with vinegar by applying a liquid solution like Invisible Glass to your windows and windshield.

Next, you will combine water with vinegar in a 1:1 ratio.

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Wipe down your windows and windshield with your 1:1 vinegar-water mixture before applying a water rinse.

The end result leaves you with streak-free shiny glass.

While you’re working on your car’s exterior, grab some toothpaste to clean your headlights.

Headlights usually get dirty from the chemicals and dust they have accumulated on the road.

Before applying toothpaste, you will need to prep your headlights with a quick preliminary wash.

This initial rinse will allow the water to remove any dust or dirt, as your headlights should be as clean as possible before applying toothpaste.

Then you will completely dry your headlights before marking the area around your headlights with painter’s tape.

Painter’s tape ensures that you won’t mess up your vehicle’s paint job while cleaning your headlights with toothpaste.

Once you’ve applied a thin layer of toothpaste to a headlight, rub the area in circular motions with a microfiber towel or toothbrush to remove any dirt spots before washing your headlight with water.

That gigantic bottle of olive oil you bought on sale can come in handy for cleaning your car’s dashboard.

Toothpaste has been proven to help drivers clean their car headlights


Toothpaste has been proven to help drivers clean their car headlightsCredit: Getty

Although olive oil is known to clean dashboards, you’ll want to do a preliminary test because dashboard materials can vary from car model to car model.

Start your test by cleaning a small, inconspicuous part of your dashboard with your coffee filter and some olive oil.

Minor damage such as discoloration will prove that your dashboard is not compatible with the cleaning tip.

All you need to do is add a few drops of olive oil to your clean coffee filter.

A pipette will give you more control over your olive oil application.

Start wiping your dashboard with the coffee filter to rid the surface of any dirt, grime, or dust.

Olive oil on a store shelf


Olive oil on a store shelfCredit: Getty

The end result is a dashboard that looks shiny without looking greasy.

This coffee filter and olive oil pairing can also work on a car:

  • Pleated or leather seats
  • Door panels
  • Armrests

Polishing vehicle air vents can be tricky, but cotton swabs and a cleaning solution can help you quickly scrub between the vent openings.

Your final tip for car cleaning with household items is to use shaving cream.

Shaving cream helps clean upholstery or carpet stains, Glasglow Live reports.

Shaving cream can help remove car stains from upholstery or carpets


Shaving cream can help remove car stains from upholstery or carpetsCredit: Getty

Attack the stains inside your vehicle by applying shaving cream before rubbing the cream in with your hand or a brush.

When you wash the shaving cream off your car with a damp cloth, excess moisture may remain.

You can get rid of that extra moisture in your vehicle’s carpets or upholstery by using a fabric vacuum, reports MotorBiscuit.

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