Here are some of the best natural cleaning products of 2022

Fumes from strong chemical cleaners can make you dizzy. Eco-friendly cleaners relieve your nose of the strong scent of bleach, aerosols and other chemicals. We’ve put together a list for you if you’re looking for the best natural cleaning brands in 2022.

Imagine cleaning your tub without feeling the overwhelming bleach. Instead, you can enjoy the fresh scent of lemons, grapefruits, fresh herbs or other essential oils.

Keep reading for our favorite herbal cleaning solutions.

Make Aromatherapy Part of Your Weekly Cleanse

Maybe you want to avoid all petroleum-based cleaners in the store. Maybe you want to save money by using items lying around the house. Just be safe. One wrong move could put you in danger.

Here are some not-so-fun facts:

  • If you clean a surface with bleach and vinegar, you will infect your home with chlorine gas. This could lead to a coughing fit and burning, watery eyes and breathing problems.
  • Mix bleach with rubbing alcohol and you will get chloroform. You could knock yourself out.
  • Here are some other deadly mixes you should avoid at all costs.

Cleaning shouldn’t put you at risk. If you’re worried like me, you better switch to natural, non-toxic cleaning products.

Earlier this year, I discovered Therapy Clean. After using its free samples, it quickly rose to the top of my list of best green cleaning products. Not only did they wipe up messes all over the house, but they also smelled so refreshing!

Take these window and glass cleaners, for example

I usually use Windex, which sometimes gets into my lungs and hacks me. This is all the more worrying as I have a sensitive nose and am prone to migraines. No such problems here.

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Why we recommend Therapy Clean

Here at Komando HQ, we all share tech tips to make your life easier. Cleaning technology has quite an impressive history. For example, we wouldn’t have cordless vacuum cleaners without NASA!

But sometimes going back to basics is worth it. We share all kinds of tricks to make your daily life more manageable. After using Therapy Clean, I was able to clean up old kitchen messes in seconds.

If you are looking for eco-friendly cleaning products that sanitize, this brand is worth checking out. You can clean up messes from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Enhance your stainless steel with this sweet scented natural cleaner

Do you have a dirty refrigerator, oven, grill or sink? Spray this on it. I wiped old stains off my refrigerator in minutes.

Use it on your glass hob after cooking

This lemon-scented cleaner is safe for all ceramic glass tops. It quickly removed grease and oil from my oven top.

Polish your wood cabinets

Cleaning your cabinets isn’t easy. Many cleaners damage wood. This creamy cleanser removes dirt and grime. Plus, it leaves a shiny finish.

Let’s end on a positive note

This is my favorite of the Therapy Clean products. Of all the solutions I’ve tried, this is the most helpful. This versatile bottle has cleaned counters all over my house.

First, I sprayed it on a microfiber cloth. Then I ran it along the counters in my kitchen, bathroom, and living room. It removed old stains with ease. I hardly put elbow grease!

Of course, you’ll find plenty of other brands when you search for the best natural cleaning products on Amazon. Keep reading for more options.

Natural cleaning products and brands

Curious to discover other organic cleaning products? If you want to try green cleaning products that disinfect, you’re spoiled for choice. There are a ton of other natural cleaners you can throw in your shopping cart.

One of my favorite brands is Seventh Generation. When I want a quick cleanup, I grab this bottle. It is odorless, colorless and stain resistant.

You don’t have to deal with harsh chemicals, petroleum-based solvents, phosphates, dyes or perfumes. You don’t even have to rinse! Best of all, it’s made from 100% post-consumer recycled bottles.

You can also grab a disinfectant spray, toilet bowl cleaner, and herbal dish soap. Just browse Seventh Generation’s online store and you’ll find different tools to clean every inch of your home.

For example, one of the best natural dishwashing detergents I’ve ever used is from Seventh Generation. Whenever I run out, I put these eco-friendly dishwater pods in my Amazon cart:

This Natural Cleanser Brand Is So Safe You Can Spray It In Your Mouth

We don’t recommend it, however. The founder of this company first launched his idea on “Shark Tank”. To shock the judges, he sprayed it on his tongue.

Don’t believe us? Check it yourself:

These herbal cleansers from Better Life live up to the hype. I tried Better Life cleaning products in 2022, giving it a good thumbs up as a review. Their dirt-busting floor cleaners are a game changer.

I love how Better Life products are free from harmful chemicals, dyes, synthetic fragrances, sulfates and petroleum. The scents of their products are also very pleasant. Above all, I like the affordable prices.

Better Life has vegetable cleaners, screen cleaners, and even hand and body soap that you can buy. Here are some other cleansers you can grab:

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