Green cleaning products that actually work

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If you’re trying to incorporate more eco-friendly habits into your life, thinking about your household cleaning routine may highlight some opportunities. After all, constantly buying new plastic containers whenever you run out of, say, window cleaner is pretty much guaranteed to keep you from living a waste-free lifestyle. All of those jetted bottles and tubs add up over the years, even if you’re relatively lax about wiping down your counters.

Additionally, some cleaning products contain chemicals (such as alkylphenol ethoxylates) that could end up harming aquatic life after flushing them down the drain. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), standard wastewater treatment effectively removes most chemicals from cleaning products. But it’s not a perfect system, and sometimes the chemicals still end up in lakes and rivers where they can have a detrimental effect on aquatic species and, by extension, the species that eat these creatures (including humans), according to the United States Geological Survey.

Of course, swearing not to clean up completely isn’t a solution, as that comes with its own list of cons (hello @ COVID-19). But you can always commit to buying greener cleaning supplies the next time you run out of supplies. And if taking action to save Mother Earth wasn’t enough of an incentive, you might also end up saving money when you start shopping for reusable alternatives or refills. To get you started, here are a few brands that offer the best eco-friendly cleaning products. (Related: The 9 Best Natural Cleaning Products, According to Experts)

With Cleancult’s approach, you can skip the cycle of buying plastic containers every month or so when you’re dry. Instead, you can buy the brand’s refillable glass containers (or use some of the containers you already own) and refill them with Cleancult’s refills, which come in recyclable milk cartons with compostable caps. The brand offers hand soap, dish soap, all-purpose cleaner, dishwasher tablets, laundry detergent and bar soap refills made from plant-based ingredients, such as essential oils and aloe juice. In addition, Cleancult has partnered with to offset the carbon footprint of its shipments. (That is to say: the company is committed to offsetting the carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases it creates during production and distribution by supporting the construction of wind farms, planting trees, etc. to ensure an equivalent reduction in these harmful emissions.)

The Earth Company

All of Earthling Co.’s products (which go far beyond cleaning, extending to beauty and other home items) are packaged in recyclable and / or compostable materials and offer easy, sustainable solutions. Concrete example ? The company’s solid dish soap (Buy it, $ 17, that’s just as easy to use as your regular dish detergent (read: no excuse for not be environmentally friendly): Just wet a dish brush and rub it on the black soap to create a lather for cleaning dirty dishes. You can take your green initiative one step further and swap that old dish brush with a plastic handle for one made of wood, stainless steel, and plant fibers like the dish brush from Earthling Co. (But It, 13 $ $ 9, Additionally, Earthling Co. is a member of 1% For The Planet, which means it is committed to donating one percent of its gross sales each year to environmental organizations at approved nonprofits such as One Tree Planted and Rainforest Action Network. (Related: 9 Simple And Delicious Ways To Cut Your Food Waste, According To A Chef)

Once you have reusable containers, you can stick with purchasing Blueland’s tiny tablet refills (Buy it, from $ 6, to clean your whole house. Reminiscent of the shape and size of a dishwasher tablet, this eco-friendly cleaning product turns into a 20-ounce soapy solution once you add water. Not ready to start scrubbing surfaces yet? No problem; you do not have to use the product as soon as it dissolves. Just store it like any other household cleaner (read: under the sink, in the laundry room, on an overly cluttered shelf you intend to organize). Each tablet of bathroom, glass and multi-surface cleaner costs about $ 1.50 each if you buy a new pack. All three cleaners have earned EPA Safer Choice certification, which means they only contain ingredients that have been rigorously evaluated and found to be safe by the EPA.

If you love the convenience of dishwashing and laundry detergent pods, you won’t have to give them up when you go green, as Dropps has some eco-friendly options for cleaning your plates. and Pants. Housed in biodegradable packaging, Dropps detergents are free of dyes, phosphates and phthalates (aka unnecessary chemicals) and are available in unscented and fragrance-free versions. The pods are placed directly into a recyclable box for shipping (no plastic bin!), And Dropps has partnered with 3Degrees, a company that helps businesses offset carbon emissions.

In addition to its beauty, personal care and wellness offerings, Brandless sells affordable cleaning products such as refillable multi-surface cleaners, for glass, tub and tile, as well as for granite and flooring. rock. which come in concentrated sachets, just add water. A true Costco of Sustainable Solutions, the brand also offers laundry and dishwasher pods, as well as their own tree-less paper towels (Buy it, $ 3 for two, that are made from cane. sugar and bamboo grass (which is more durable than paper because bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth). (Related: Waterless Beauty is the Green Trend That Could Save You Money, too)

Dedicated to providing “healthier home essentials,” Grove Collaborative is a one-stop shop for everything from green cleaning products to beauty products that are better for you (and the environment). The online marketplace offers products from a range of brands, all of which meet Grove’s standards for using sustainable materials, ethical supply chains and cruelty-free plant formulas. Grove Collaborative also sells its own line, which includes green cleaning products such as compostable kitchen wipes (Buy It, $ 4, and concentrated cleaner refills (Buy It, $ 7, . While the company hopes to be completely plastic-free by 2025, it’s currently 100% plastic-neutral, which is a big deal. Essentially, for every ounce of plastic you get from Grove, the brand makes sure that the same amount of plastic is taken out of the ocean through its partnership with Plastic Bank.

Earth Breeze’s packet of laundry detergent sheets (yes, sheets) may look a lot different than the large jar of laundry detergent you’re used to seeing, but make no mistake: they’re powerful AF. Just throw one in a dirty load to clean your clothes. You can buy a box of 360 sheets for $ 100 (which comes to $ 0.28 per charge) or 60 sheets for $ 20 (which comes down to $ 0.33 per charge) – and both options are available whether you go with scent-free or “fresh scent” leaves. In case you need more reasons to try it, the brand is donating 10 sheets to people who need them for every pack purchased.

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