GoodWe’s photovoltaic building materials facilitate the integration of green and smart technologies into our daily lives – pv magazine International

GoodWe recently launched its Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) solution under the banner: “Make every building generate electricity”.

As a high-tech enterprise specializing in clean energy conversion, electrical equipment, energy storage and energy management, GoodWe has been dedicated to providing users with advanced photovoltaic building materials that create a smart energy ecosystem to make sustainable living greener, more efficient, and more convenient for users.

GoodWe has set out its vision to drive the world’s smart energy future by realizing the Third Industrial Revolution goal of transforming every building into a micro-power plant. In response to this vision, the company then launched a one-stop EcoSmart Home solution that seamlessly integrates photovoltaic building materials with its inverters, storage batteries, EV chargers and smart energy management system ( SEMS), providing users with a completely private solution. energy production, conversion, storage, monitoring and management, with integrated control systems. Photovoltaic building materials play a key role in this one-stop smart energy ecosystem.

GoodWe’s PV building materials have modular and aesthetic designs that adapt to a variety of roofing styles and are compatible with traditional roofing tiles, including solar roof tiles, universal flat roof tiles, universal drainage tiles and universal ridge connector tiles. They also offer flush seam and offset seam layout solutions, as well as dense roofing technology, resulting in a complete roofing solution. GoodWe’s goal is to create products that not only turn users’ roofs into powerhouses, but to develop building materials that add to both green credentials and building aesthetics.

Compared with traditional roofing materials, GoodeWe’s PV building materials have many advantages. First of all, the waterproof components used in the product can help prevent water leakage, so as to achieve 100% waterproof effect. Second, the quick shutdown function is built in to prevent fire hazards. Additionally, safety has always been a top priority when developing photovoltaic building materials. Specifically, the product can withstand high temperatures of up to 2000°C (3632°F). Thanks to the thermal insulation function and the unique heat dissipation channels, the temperatures of roofs covered with PV building materials can be 2 to 4 °C (36 to 39 °F) lower than those of conventional roofs. Additionally, they can stand still even when exposed to strong winds at level 14.

GoodWe PV Building Materials – Sunshine Series

GoodWe’s BIPV solutions ensure that photovoltaic building materials can be seamlessly integrated into our daily lives. With its efficient generation of green energy and strict adherence to green building rating standards, GoodWe’s new solution enables users to achieve carbon neutrality.

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