Fedeli: Northern Minerals and Materials Driving New Automotive Investments in the South

“We have everything here – in companies like Metal Fab, which make products that are shipped to the mines – and that’s why this electric vehicle revolution is so essential for North Bay and all businesses in Northern Ontario. “

Much of Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli’s funding announcement on Friday focused on the synergies created and fostered not only between local businesses, but also the partnerships created around the world by local organizations that benefit grants from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation.

Many of the companies funded have established critical roles in the supply chain, each serving demands from various industries, but especially in relation to minerals and mining materials.

“All these mining companies in North Bay are so mixed. Mining is so important to them and they all work so well together. There’s a lot of expansion going on,” says Fedeli.

Fedeli points the finger at the government Critical Minerals Strategy as a model for connecting Northern industries, resources and workers to the future of manufacturing in the South by accelerating the internal transfer of goods and services. He has just returned from a tour with Prime Minister Doug Ford, including a stop in Washington DC

“This week we saw the announcement of a $5 billion vehicle battery facility in Windsor,” Fedeli said.

To see: An electric vehicle battery plant will be built in Windsor

“The minerals the company needs come from northern Ontario — they come from all over the world — but we have them,” he continues. “Canada is the only jurisdiction in the Western Hemisphere with all the minerals needed to manufacture an electric vehicle. We have it all here — in companies like Metal Fab, which make products that are shipped to the mines — and that’s why this electric vehicle revolution is so critical to North Bay and all businesses in northern Ontario. »

He adds: “For the first time in 120 years, the North is part of the automotive strategy.

This is a change of course for the PC government. Ford’s strategy to build at least 400,000 electric and hybrid vehicles in the province by 2030 with the use of critical minerals found in the Ring of Fire to establish battery production in the province, according to this Canadian Press report, comes several years after this government scrapped electric vehicle rebates, stopped building provincially funded charging stations and dropped the requirement for new homes to include wiring for potential EV chargers.

On Friday, Fedeli announced more than $2.4 million in funding from Ontario through the NOHFC for projects in the mining supply, forestry, technology and agriculture sectors in Nipissing. Ontario says the investment will help support job creation, spur economic growth and improve the quality of life in northern communities.

Metal Fab Limited is one of the beneficiaries. “NOHFC funding for the purchase of new production equipment will streamline processes and allow our business to increase workflow,” said the company’s third-generation general manager, Jake Grasser. “It will also allow us to reduce lead times while maintaining and improving the quality of the products and services we provide.”

“Our government continues to foster a strong future in Nipissing by supporting economic growth, job creation and reaffirming that the North is a great place to live and work,” said Fedeli. “It’s another way of signaling to the world that Northern Ontario is open for business and open for jobs.

Find NOHFC funding details below:

  • $887,500 to DDS Drilling Services to purchase new equipment to expand its diamond drilling services
  • $400,020 to Pilot Diamond Tools Ltd. to renovate its facilities and purchase new equipment to enable the expansion of the business
  • $400,000 to Mano Aggregates Inc to develop an on-site crushing facility for processing aggregates
  • $227,717 for JMI Design Studios/The Original Bug Shirt Company to purchase and renovate the building and purchase equipment
  • $187,500 to Northern Meat Packers to establish an abattoir/processing facility
  • $144,092 to North Bay Machining Center Inc. to purchase a robotic cell and update its electrical infrastructure to improve productivity
  • $124,041 to iRing Inc. to develop hardware and software prototypes
  • $56,988 to Metal Fab Limited for the purchase of new production equipment
  • $44,967 for Golden Treasures Maple Products to help with capital construction and equipment purchases

DDS Drilling Services co-founder David Jones was on hand to thank the NOHFC and Fedeli for funding $887,500. Jones, also the company’s business development manager, said, “DDS Drilling Services is a brand new diamond drilling company based in North Bay that provides drilling services to exploration companies and operating mines. NOHFC financial assistance helped us purchase two clean technology drilling systems, support equipment and tooling required for our start-up This project created 25 full-time jobs, all in northern Ontario, and we continue to expand our business.

Jones shares his Australia-based client, Aston Minerals Limited is currently trying to raise more than $30 million for the drilling expansion at the Edleston Project nickel deposit 60 kilometers south of Timmins, Ontario, and the fallout from this will be felt by many local businesses.

The NOHFC promotes economic prosperity across Northern Ontario by providing financial assistance for projects — large and small, rural and urban — that drive growth, job creation and skills development. Since June 2018, the NOHFC has invested over $473 million in 4,244 projects across Northern Ontario, leveraging over $1.5 billion in investments and creating or maintaining over 6,600 jobs.

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