eMaids of Orlando and Kissimmee offers medical office cleaning services in Orlando

Kissimmee, Florida – eMaids of Orlando and Kissimmee is a company specializing in medical office cleaning in Orlando and other surrounding areas in Florida. The company includes a team of licensed and insured housekeepers who undergo rigorous screening and training to protect their clients’ assets and properties.

eMaids of Orlando and Kissimmee is a trusted physician office cleaning company that values ​​the safety, security and peace of mind of our customers. For this reason, housekeepers go through a rigorous screening process that includes reference checks, background checks, training, and certification testing. Housekeeping staff are continuously monitored based on guest reviews, ratings, comments and requests to maintain high quality cleaning standards.

With over 15 years in the industry, Orlando and Kissimmee eMaids has served residential and commercial customers around the world. Housekeepers are experienced in cleaning all types of flooring, countertops, rugs and other materials that encounter stains, spills and dirt without compromising the integrity of the furniture, personal effects, equipment or technology.

Knowing that a doctor’s office should be free of germs, bacteria, dust, spills or odors, eMaids of Orlando and Kissimmee uses high quality, environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic cleaning products for the clinic. make it comfortable for the patients. Maids specialize in cleaning medical offices in Orlando. They disinfect high point touch surfaces including door knobs / handles, window handles, faucets, light switches / plates, and appliance keypads / handles.

The Orlando and Kissimmee eMaids offer cleaning services for physical exam rooms and doctor’s offices. Housekeepers replenish supplies, clean exam tables, empty / fill trash, clean sinks, polish chrome finished surfaces, and mop / sweep floors. They also take care of the entrance and reception by cleaning the front doors, cleaning the fingerprints / stains from the receptionist partitions, dusting the photos, putting away magazines and dusting the furniture.

The kitchen of the doctor’s office is a sensitive area that requires special attention to prevent bacterial and fungal growth. With this in mind, housekeepers clean all appliances, wipe down the outside / inside of cabinets, empty trash cans, clean all worktops, wipe down chairs / tables, mop floors and replace towels in paper. They replenish toilet paper, clean / sanitize toilets, refill hand soap, and clean mirrors / sinks.

The Orlando and Kissimmee eMaids use the latest cleaning equipment and are always on the lookout for updates and improvements to their services without degrading the warmth, attention and personal touch that every housekeeper brings to the house. job. This approach has earned the cleaning company numerous 5-star reviews and positive testimonials.

To help clients easily book doctor’s office cleaning, eMaids Orlando and Kissimmee has a simple, advanced reservation system that takes 60 seconds. Thanks to it, customers can enter their contact details and preferences, book, pay and schedule recurring cleaning online from their smartphone.

To take advantage of personalized cleaning services from eMaids Orlando and Kissimmee, call (407) 588-4333. For any request for information on cleaning the doctor’s office or to book a service, Click here.

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