Earth911 Podcast: 374Water CEO Kobe Nagar on Turning Wastewater into New Materials

Kobe Nagar, CEO of Durham, NC 374Water, explains the company’s compact wastewater treatment technology, the Supercritical Water Oxidation System (AirSCWO). Operation of the system generates energy, industrial CO2, tri-nitrogen gases that can be used in manufacturing, distilled water and minerals extracted from wastewater, making it extremely affordable as a solution for many uses water treatment. The smaller version fits in a shipping container and can clean wastewater generated by communities of as few as 6,000 people – or the equivalent amount of industrial waste. The AirSCWO system can be scaled to support 30,000 or 200,000 people and a wide variety of industrial applications, including the removal and destruction of PFAS, the “eternal chemicals” found in the environment, water supplies and human bodies. And water is just the first step for the company, shares Kobe. The oxidation process can also convert plastics and other solid wastes into reusable raw materials.

Kobe Nagar, CEO of 374Water, is our guest on Durability in your ear.

Water, along with air and land, is one of our most important resources. We need it to hydrate our bodies, to make much of what we eat and use every day, and we use it to carry away our waste. By treating wastewater, instead of discharging it into the environment, we preserve this precious resource so that we can use it again. You can learn more about 374Water, which is listed on NASDAQ under the symbol SCWO, at

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