Deep Cleaning Services in Singapore for Equipment and Baby Strollers

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If you’re wondering what it’s like to have your stroller or pram cleaned by a professional cleaning service, why not listen to parents who have done it? These two expat mothers share their reasons for choosing Pram Wash’s deep cleaning services in Singapore – and their overall experience.

Jasmin Dhillon, British, mother of three boys (seven and four-year-old twins)

Deep cleaning services make items look like new

I heard about PramWash while searching the internet when my eldest was a baby. I felt like her stroller needed a deep cleaning – I guess as first time parents we are more concerned with keeping things spotless.

Their professional cleaning service is great! They were able to remove sick babies and Singapore mold from stored products, making items look and feel like new again.

I also like the ease and efficiency of booking a cleaning session, and the pick up and drop off service is very efficient. I usually use drop off service when we travel, so we have nice and clean items when we get back.

It goes without saying that their deep cleaning services in Singapore are excellent! We started with my eldest’s stroller and continue to use them now, especially for my twin’s car seats.

Amelia Apsari, Indonesian/Singaporean PR, mother of a three-year-old boy

Amelia Apsari PramWash deep cleaning services singapore

PramWash deep cleaning only takes an hour

Young children and snacks are inseparable – we use our stroller often and crumbs and dirt are definitely inevitable. Keeping things clean is one of my priorities and I admit it, I’m a neat freak. I regularly clean the stroller by wiping it down and vacuuming it. But I was sure that professionals would be able to clean it more thoroughly than me.

I saw an Instagram ad for PramWash and decided to have our stroller deep cleaned by them. Before the pandemic, I used to drop off the pram at their milk distribution points around our house. It was so convenient to drop it off in the morning to the team that was on standby with a PramWash van and pick it up the same evening.

This service has been suspended since the pandemic so now I drop the stroller off at their VivoCity outlet. I also used their home collection service.

It is easy and convenient to drop off the stroller at their point of sale. And it only takes one hour for deep cleaning services in Singapore. The stroller always comes back clean and fresh! From the hood to the wheels, nothing is spared by their thorough cleaning.

Another plus is that the whole PramWash team is so friendly! They respond quickly to my questions on WhatsApp and to the cleaning itself. I have recommended the company to my friends and also shared my experience on my social media accounts. A number of friends also became customers.

We recently purchased a second stroller and I will definitely be sending it in for a deep cleaning at PramWash soon.

About PramWash Singapore Professional Deep Cleaning Services

Established here in 2017, Pram Wash is the leading baby equipment cleaning specialist in the country. He has professionally cleaned over 10,000 strollers and other baby gear of all makes and models.

AmeliaApsari Stroller Deep Cleaning Services Singapore

They only use cleaning solutions made with plant-derived ingredients and certified non-toxic by laboratory tests. This ensures that they are safe for your baby’s skin and health. Their cleaning specialists undergo an intensive two-week hands-on training by a senior specialist; after that, they’re ready to handle all the deep cleaning of your kid’s gear.

Getting your baby items cleaned by PramWash is a breeze; drop them off at one of their two outlets, go for a meal or a coffee, then return an hour later to pick up your spotless item. Or opt for a pickup and delivery service for an additional fee. For more information on services and to make a reservation, go to website.

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