Cleaning: Ms Hinch shares ‘miracle’ cleaning products she ‘can’t live without’

Sophie Hinchliffe, author of the best-selling book Hinch Yourself Happy, shared her favorite cleaning products with her readers. Here’s how anyone can make their home spotless in no time.

The cleaning mogul began, “For me, a closet full of DIY products is absolute heaven, and, my God, do they keep me busy! When I need to block my house , there’s my team right there!”

Mrs. Hinch’s “magic” remedy for smelly carpets and rugs is 1001 Fresh Carpet Spray with Thai Orchids and Passion Fruit.

For a “cheap as a chip” way to get rid of stains, Ace Stain Remover & Brightener is the answer: “Put a plug in the washing machine and it’s that easy.”

The cleaning mogul then cited Ariel Gel, which features “Febreeze technology”, as a “reliable old friend”.

For “miracles” in the bathroom, Ms Hinch recommended Astonish Mold and Mildew Blaster, saying, “My tile grout has never looked so new.”

To make clothes “much shinier”, she suggested Astonish Oxy Active Plus, and for stubborn stains, the “shiny” Astonish Specialist Hob and Cooktop Cleaner and Sponge.

Another amazing product that Ms Hinch swore was window and glass cleaner spray: “I haven’t found a window cleaner yet that can top that!”

The ‘very strong’ and ‘effective’ Bar Keepers Friend is another Ms Hinch favourite, but she issued a warning – ‘it tries to eat away at your sink if you leave it on too long’.

She urged her readers to buy “all-purpose” and “magical” baking soda, to be used both as a scouring agent on shiny materials and as an air freshener for the refrigerator, carpets, upholstery, vinyl , garbage cans and drains.

Next, for a toilet that smells “incredibly”, the cleaning guru recommended Bloo Foam Aroma, which is best left “overnight”.

Cif Cream Original with Micro Crystals “works great” on PVC, as well as on the hob and sink.

Cif Perfect Finish Stainless Steel Spray is a cleaning product that Ms. Hinch uses “every day without fail”, because “the shine is simply magnificent”.

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Her “number one must-have wipes” are Cif Power and Shine Multi-Purpose Wipes,” and she swears by another “all-around must-have,” Detoll’s All In One Spray.

When it comes to carpet stains, Dr. Beckmann Carpet Stain Remover is “the only one” Ms. Hinch touches; failing that, Elbow Grease is a stain remover that works wonders on “virtually everything”.

She continued, “I’ve always used Fairy [Liquid] and I don’t think you can beat him.”

For a quick fix, Flash Antibacterial Floor Wipes “work wonders” on days when mop-and-bucket fishing is daunting.

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Ms. Hinch recommended Flash Bathroom Spray because “it breaks down all the soap and scum, and the shine is fabulous” – “You can’t beat that.”

And when it comes to toilet cleaners, Ms. Hinch’s “absolute angel” cleaner is Harpic Active Fresh Mountain Pine Toilet Cleaner: “It makes me feel like Christmas all year round.”

Pink Stuff is also a “miracle” cleaning paste for the base of pots and pans, tile joints, oven, hob, ceramic sinks and ornaments: “It does a flawless job and does not never give up”.

And what is one product Ms. Hinch told readers they “need” in their lives?

Viakal ‘magic’ descaler is a treat for shower doors, shower heads and faucets – but make sure you leave it on for no more than five minutes before rinsing off.

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