Cleaning: Britons urged to check ‘expiration dates’ of cleaning supplies

Many people remember to check expiration dates on food, but what about cleaning products? Tombola surveyed 1,000 people from the UK public to reveal how many actually know about expired products on items they use to clean their property.

According to the study, “75% of British adults surveyed have never checked the expiry dates of cleaning products”.

This means the majority could be using products that don’t clean their homes as promised, leaving room for germs and bacteria to grow.

Of that 75%, 13% said they didn’t even know the cleaning supplies were expired.

All of this could mean Britons’ homes could be dirtier than they think.

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However, they recommend focusing more on natural products because they not only save money, but are also more sustainable.

Replace sponges every two weeks

Experts recommend Brits replace their sponges every two weeks.

But they should be cleaned and wrung out to dry thoroughly after each use.

Experts say: “If you notice your sponge has an odor – or looks visibly dirty after cleaning it – it’s time to throw in the towel.”

Change mop heads every two months

It is important to change mop heads every two months.

This is especially the case when cleaning particularly worn or trampled areas.

Cleaning experts added, “You should, however, clean your mop after each use and let it air dry completely, which could help prolong its life.

“Otherwise you could be spreading germs and whatever you picked up the last time you used it on your floors.”

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