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SINGAPORE – Media reach – January 3, 2022 – Clean Care, which began full cleaning services with upholstery cleaning, has expanded its range of services to now include laundry and dry cleaning services. The cleaning company that strives to preserve environmental well-being by ensuring clean and hygienic spaces in residential and commercial properties is well positioned to serve as a single center for a variety of cleaning needs.

Starting with their deep upholstery cleaning services that can remove even the most stubborn stains without compromising the delicate condition of the furniture, Clean maintenance has helped to extend the longevity of their customers’ rugs and sofas, while maintaining the health and safety standards of these interior spaces by ensuring maximum cleanliness of the upholstery. With this launch of new cleaning services, Clean Care is now able to meet a range of cleaning requirements of home owners and business owners.


One of the features of Clean Care’s new dry cleaning Professional laundry service is that it only uses environmentally friendly cleaning processes and uses reusable laundry bags for pickup and delivery services. In addition to being environmentally friendly, Clean Care Dry Cleaning also ensures that all laundry cleaning products are of the highest quality and are chlorine free. Their meticulous attention to detail in their professional laundry service also allows laundry to be categorized by color before being washed with a wash detergent booster for enhanced cleaning performance and fluffy fabric softener. In addition to these measures, Clean Care Dry Cleaning also strives to meet any special customer demand for their professional laundry services and offers nationwide door-to-door service to collect and deliver laundry to customers. .


This transparent customer service of delivering goods to the customer’s door extends to their Dry cleaning services too much. By using a biodegradable cleaning solution of natural origin as well as odorless and colorless liquid silicone as a carrier for the detergent, which is devoid of any harsh chemical component, Clean Care’s dry cleaning service can be effectively applied to costumes, dresses, bespoke wedding dresses, jackets, cushion covers, rugs and bedspreads as it contains qualities for better fabric care. Clean Care Dry Cleaning’s dry cleaning procedure works with a wet cleaning process that typically uses 30% less water and 50% less energy than traditional wash cycles seen with other dry cleaners. The wet cleaning process does not compromise cleaning efficiency as Clean Care Dry Cleaning’s automatic washers electronically sense humidity levels in clothes to be dried to manipulate detergent dosage, drum rotation, water flow and temperature depending on the fabric of the garment to produce the most ideal dry cleaning result possible. This two-pronged approach positions Clean Care Dry Cleaning as a cleaning company that not only serves its customers optimally by recognizing that each garment that goes through the dry cleaning process is unique and important, but also aware of its environmental impact. . For clothes and furniture that customers deem the most valuable, Clean Care Dry Cleaning also offers specialist care and meticulous handling.

“Clean Care makes customer satisfaction the primary driver of its branding in the cleaning services industry in Singapore,” said Jay Kwek, Marketing Director of Clean Care. “Our services are also competitively priced to provide our customers with the best value for money in the market,” said Mr. Kwek. With laundry and dry cleaning services starting at $ 7 per shirt and $ 9 per item respectively, Clean Care has a competitive edge with affordable prices for their cleaning services.

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