Classic Jaguar electrified and fitted with materials made from marine waste

A company that makes electric versions of classic British cars has unveiled the world’s first electric classic Jaguar made with ocean-cleaning textiles. Electric vehicles made by Lunaz are super exclusive and designed for customers with very deep pockets.

Lunaz has unveiled a very special customer commission – a 1952 Jaguar XK120 originally built in Coventry and donated to the Savile Row Concours in London. The car featured a world first for such a project – a leather-free interior that uses ocean-cleaning materials.

This included mats woven from salvaged nylon sea fishing nets. Additionally, the backing for these mats has been recycled from marine plastic pollution such as plastic bottles.

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The process of recovering waste from the ocean is already used successfully in the worlds of fashion, fine furniture manufacturing and high-end watch manufacturing. Customization is at the heart of every Lunaz build, the responsibility of an in-house design department led by Lunaz Design Director Jen Holloway.

She and her team work closely with clients to understand their aesthetic and personal sensibilities. In the case of this very special construction, the client visited Lunaz throughout the commissioning and specification process to understand how leather alternatives and innovative recycled materials perform visually and comfort.

This close collaboration has resulted in an interior finished in an innovative mix of textiles, traditional woods and recycled materials. For example, the seat frame was constructed from recyclable aluminum.

The burl walnut veneer has been given a contemporary aesthetic with a satin lacquer. Where possible, the materials of the 70-year-old vehicle have been painstakingly restored to minimize the need for creating new materials.

Lunaz’s engineering team has subtly integrated the latest infotainment and audio technologies into the vehicle. This included the discreet placement of a screen fitted with Apple CarPlay to run the customer’s favorite navigation and music streaming apps.

Lunaz Unveils World’s First Electric Classic Jaguar Made With Ocean Cleansing Textiles

Lunaz Founder David Lorenz said, “Lunaz customers value every element of the commissioning, design, restoration and electrification process. To reflect the conclusion of this long and complex journey, we like to create something special related to construction.

The Jaguar XK120, one of the most famous evocations of British sports car design, was unveiled at the Concours on Savile Row, a street universally regarded as the world center of traditional and contemporary tailoring. The company is one of Britain’s fastest growing and has attracted investment from big institutional names including the Barclay, Dalal and Reuben and David Beckham families.

The former footballer recently presented his son Brooklyn with a recycled and electrified 1954 Jaguar XK140 from Lunaz to mark his wedding to Nicola Peltz after they married in Florida. Luanz Design is in production with the most famous British brands including the Aston Martin DB6, Bentley Continental (S1, S2 and S3), Jaguar XK120,140,150, Range Rover Classic and Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud and the Rolls-Royce Phantom V.

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