B&M Shares Photo Of ‘Amazing’ New Cleaning Products And Shoppers Are In Love

One positive thing to come out of this past year, you could say, is that everyone is more aware of one thing: hygiene.

Whether it’s washing our hands regularly or keeping your house cleaner than usual because you have to spend more time there, we’ve all become very used to staying cleaner than before.

This means that companies specializing in cleaning products have seen their sales and interest increase like never before.

And this is evidenced by a quick read of their social media channels.

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B&M, the budget store that sells just about everything, has released its latest line of cleaning products and shoppers have made the pot.

The spread includes a variety of sprays, disinfectants and wipes.

A satisfied customer on Instagram said: “This is absolutely the best scent – I just cleaned my kitchen with this smelling lot.”

Another said, “Look at all the different things you can get right now!” Defo will get the wipes !! “

One customer even asked: “Can you please open a store in South London ??

Another buyer pointed out that these important items can be reached by those who cannot leave their homes.

“I just wish B&M could make deliveries and the people who can’t go out will also get what they need,” he said.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like B&M is making door-to-door deliveries any time soon.

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