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Choosing a pool cleaning service that’s right for you is as important as the pool cleaning itself. Asking detailed questions could mean the difference between a great experience and a miserable one.

Compile a short list

Start your investigation by asking your friends and neighbors about their experiences with various pool cleaning companies. Your pool is unique and you are a unique customer. Your needs may be different from theirs, but taking note of their overall satisfaction is a good place to start. Search online for local businesses with good ratings from pool owners near you.

Make a list of the top companies that pique your interest. Call each of them or contact them on their website. There are specific questions you will want answered.

Qualify companies

When you call the pool cleaning companies on your shortlist, ask them these questions and write down their answers. There is no need to commit to hearing sales pitches or making appointments at this time.

  • How long have you been cleaning pools in this area?
  • can you provide references?
  • What services do you offer besides pool cleaning?
  • Do all your technicians undergo regular training?
  • Are all your technicians certified?

Get quotes

From these surveys, identify at least three companies that stand out from the rest. Make an appointment with everyone to come to your pool to give you service quotes. If a company doesn’t want to see your pool before giving you pricing, just move on to the next company. If you have any special requests, this is the right time to respond to them. Take note of their answers.

Your goal here is to get written quotes from each company. Make sure the quote includes all services that will be performed and how often. If there’s a part you don’t understand, be sure to have it clarified for you by the company representative before moving forward.

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Hire the best

The best pool cleaning company for your needs may not be the cheapest or even the one your neighbor suggested. Seek satisfying answers to the following questions and hire the company that meets your needs and makes you most comfortable.

  • Was the representative on time?
  • Do they offer a service package that meets your needs?
  • Do they offer other services you might need later?
  • Did they answer your questions satisfactorily?
  • Have they provided a detailed list of their responsibilities?
  • Did they provide you with a detailed program?
  • How do they keep records and are these records provided to you upon request?
  • Are there any additional charges I should be aware of?

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