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If you want house cleaning services only intermittently, or if you don’t know someone with a referral, or if you want a different service every time, a home cleaning app may be perfect for you. As a general rule, you can:

  • Choose your cleaning needs and get quotes from cleaners
  • Configure the date and time (you can also order recurring services)
  • Pay online for cleaning

You can also rate the quality of service with most applications.

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Housekeeping service on demand

Best of all, the apps are easily accessible for your use only when you need them, which is handy if your lifestyle is “busy all the time”. Here’s how to choose the right apps to clean up quickly and get on with your life.

But, you’ll want to do a few things to make cleaning the house easier, in the long run, to save money on services. These let you do everything on your mobile device, saving you time to do other things.

Get organized first

If you’re like most people, you’ll clean your house before the housekeeper you hire comes to work there. It’s not just a humorous comedy trope, however. This is necessary because it costs you more if your employees have to clean up the clutter, and you won’t spend hours trying to find items they’ve rearranged.

Also, knowing what is left to clean and how you want it to be done is the first step in choosing who you will have to do the job. This process also helps you maintain a sparkling home so you have to clean less.

But, for many people, organizational skills don’t come naturally, and it is difficult to motivate your family to help. Choose one of these skill building apps that improve yours and encourage your family to develop theirs.


Get this free app for Android and iOS to learn organizing strategies that help you organize your home. This Angie List-based app’s blog also provides maintenance and decorating tips so you can do both like a boss. For those in a hurry, there are plenty of articles to help organize your cleaning schedule by giving an idea of ​​how long suggested tasks will last.


This free The social organization app allows you to organize your stuff in shelves and share and share it with the Snupps community. Connect via iOS and Android with over two million other people who share your love of the same things. Get organizational and sourcing advice, share it on social media, or buy and sell on eBay.


If you are super organized or aspire to be, this app will satisfy that obsession. This free iOS app (with in-app purchases) not only allows you to organize both your personal and business effects, but also to inventory them. It allows you to take photos or use QR codes to upload your items and then organize them by location. Also scan warranty information and know where your stuff is when you’re ready to sell or relocate.


Although few rewards motivate your children to eat their vegetables, this house cleaning app gives you fun ways to reward them for their chores. Available for Android, iOS, Windows, and even Kindle devices, it’s easy to use for you and your preschoolers and up. Turn chores into games and set up rewards like extra play time, camping trips, and ice cream cones. Your kids will help you master the organization in no time.

Sell ​​or trade things you no longer want

Once you’ve organized yourself, you’ll notice that you have items that you want to purge from your home. There are lots of apps that help you make money for things you now think of as a mess. In many cases, you sell your goods quickly and without drama. The apps below facilitate physical security as you are selling online, not meeting strangers to trade.


Available for both iOS and Android, this app allows you to sell antique books, DVDs, CDs, games, technology, and most importantly, Leggo products. Use your phone as a barcode scanner, get a price for the items, accept the offer, ship with a free tag, and get paid the next day. There is no auction fee and your items are insured during shipment. No wonder this app receives such high TrustPilot ratings.


This app allows users to sell “almost anything” to buyers nationwide. Use your iOS or Android camera to take a picture of your new, used or handmade items, add a description and click sell. When your listing becomes a sale, Mercari sends you a shipping label, takes 10% of the sale price, and ships the item.

Faded away

Another online-only sales app, Gone works with iOS and is intended for sales of electronics products. The best feature of this app is that the service completes the process for you. It uses an algorithm to price electronic devices, identifies buyers, packages and ships the items, and pays you by debit, PayPal, or Amazon gift card.

All three apps allow you to earn money right from the safety and comfort of your now decluttered home.

Clean up with the right home cleaning apps

Now your home is organized and purged of anything the cleaners might trip over, and you’ve made a few bucks in the process. Use the right apps to help you find highly rated, reliable, on-call house cleaners that meet unique needs to complete the process. Here are a few to consider.

Rabbit task

Often times, especially after decluttering and rearranging, you need more than just cleaning. You need to move, assemble, or reassemble things or have minor repairs done before you start cleaning. At this iOS and Android application, you hire a “Tasker” to do these household chores and clean up afterwards. (It could be another Tasker, but TaskRabbit controls and takes care of all of them.)

You decide what your budget is, choose Taskers by rating, price, and timeframe, and prepay the fees. If the Tasker is not available, you will receive an SMS informing you. But, if they are, they’ll tidy up your home quickly on your schedule, for what you want to pay for, and worry-free.


Similar to TaskRabbit, this iOS and Android app lets you reserve house cleaners or other home service providers to get you in shape. Handy carefully selects its professionals, provides 24/7 customer service and allows you to reserve whatever size your seat is.

Use Handy’s on-demand service or set a schedule to have your home cleaned whenever you want for what you want to pay for. An additional feature of this service is Handy sells home products and includes installation in their prices.


Another one-stop-shop for home services and tasks, the provider, which has an Android and iOS app, pre-rates its services. You will choose from hundreds of carefully selected professionals and see the prices in advance before selecting the one that matches your needs.

If you need additional services, the app allows you to agree a price with the professional and add them to your work. To preserve our privacy, Takl allows you to contact your supplier by phone through the app. The service offers warranty and customer support seven days a week.

Using this strategy to keep your home clean and uncluttered will save you money and reduce stress. You’ll choose the apps that offer the best combination of service, price, and convenience while keeping your home safe.

Check your new rate (December 20, 2021)

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