Archer Materials Ltd shares follow-up to successful fabrication of sub-10 nanometer features

Archer Materials Ltd (ASX:AXE, OTC:ARRXF) benefited from a rise in share price after meeting a long-term target of sub-10 nanometer (nm) size manufacturing for its biochip device components.

The company is developing a biochip that would analyze and process droplets of biological samples using graphene-based sensors.

This breakthrough in in-house feature size puts Archer at the “edge” of the semiconductor industry.

The company says this miniaturization of feature sizes is an important step in the future operation of its biochip, as smaller features could allow for a smaller overall chip size, better performance and lower power consumption.

Stocks jump

Investors welcomed the development, sending shares up to 34.25% higher intraday at A$0.98 while the company’s market capitalization is around A$223.62 million.

AX achieved this feat with several advanced lithographic processes on a silicon wafer in a clean room environment and claims to have now fabricated the sub-10nm features reproducibly and reliably.

Breakthrough an “excellent result”

“We are developing semiconductor devices that push the boundaries of modern technology,” said Archer Materials CEO Dr. Mohammad Choucair.

“We have ambitiously set out to achieve sub-10nm fabrication to align Archer with the size lithographic process capability characteristic of major players in the semiconductor industry.

“Achieving sub-10 nanometer manufacturing of electronic device components is an excellent achievement on our path to developing Archer’s biochip technology, and demonstrates the world-class capabilities of our pioneering team.

Archer retains all rights to the biochip technology and intellectual property as it is developed internally by Archer personnel.

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