ALDI supermarket’s Power Force cleaning products named best bleach, toilet cleaner and disinfectant at Canstar Blue Awards

Three ALDI cleaning products have been named Australia’s best in the latest Canstar Blue Most Satisfied Customer Awards.

The supermarket’s affordable Power Force buys beat out a range of big name brands to win the top prize for best disinfectant, toilet cleaner and bleach.

Priced between $2.19 and $2.29, the three winning products prove that you don’t have to spend a lot of money for good quality.

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ALDI Australia cleaning purchasing manager David Reid said the supermarket was proud of the achievement.

“We are very pleased that our Power Force line of cleaning products has been honored with these awards,” he said.

“We are committed to providing Australians with the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices, so we are both proud and delighted that our customers love these products.”

ALDI has released its first-ever sustainability progress report. File picture. Credit: Getty

Best Supermarket Sanitizer

At the Canstar Blue Awards, ALDI Power Force sanitizer beat rivals Dettol Glen 20, Pine O Cleen, Strike, Woolworths Essentials, Dettol, Domestos, White King and Coles Ultra to win the best gong.

The ALDI Purchase – which costs $2.29 – received five stars for efficiency, packaging design, environmental friendliness, value for money and overall satisfaction. It scored four stars for its smell and ease of use.

Here are the best sanitizers in Australia, as rated by consumers in the latest Canstar Blue review:

  1. ALDI Power Force
  2. Dettol Valley 20
  3. Pine O Cleen
  4. Strike
  5. Woolworths Essentials
  6. Dettol
  7. Domestos
  8. white king
  9. Coles Ultra
Power Force Disinfectant from ALDI. Credit: Provided

Best Supermarket Bleach

The Canstar Blue bleach review saw ALDI Power Force Pro beat Woolworths Essentials, White King, Domestos and Coles Ultra.

The $2.29 product scored five stars in all areas except for environmental friendliness where it scored four stars.

Here are the best bleach brands in Australia, as rated by consumers in Canstar Blue’s annual review:

  1. ALDI Power Force Pro
  2. Woolworths Essentials
  3. white king
  4. Domestos
  5. Coles Ultra
ALDI Power Force Liquid Bleach. Credit: Provided

The best supermarket toilet cleaner

ALDI’s $2.19 Power Force toilet cleaner, meanwhile, topped Harpic, Coles Ultra, White King, Woolworths Essentials, Toilet Duck, Domestos, Earth Choice, Beef and Easy Off Bam to win the top prize. .

It earned five stars for packaging design, environmental friendliness, value for money, and overall satisfaction. It scored four stars for its effectiveness and smell.

“This year, 10 brands of toilet cleaners feature in our results, with ALDI Power Force leading its supermarket rivals and big brands you’ve no doubt heard of or used before,” Canstar Blue revealed.

“Our survey found that most Australians clean their toilets once a week (59%), with only a small portion going there daily (22%), and a miniscule 2% even tackle work more than once a day !

“It seems like having a spotless toilet is a priority for most households, so it makes sense to invest in the right cleaner for the job.”

ALDI’s Power Force toilet cleaner has picked up the top gong. Credit: Provided

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