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Completing Anomaly quests in MH Rise: Sunbreak’s Endgame will reward you with a variety of Afflicted Materials, which are needed to craft powerful new weapons. This Sunbreak guide includes specific instructions on how to get each afflicted gear and how to unlock all Rarity 10 weapons.

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Sunbreak Endgame Unlockables Guide

For a quick reference of what you’ll unlock in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Endgame, check out this chart. Everything is explained in detail in the separate sections of this page. Also, remember that each new affected material and monster material also unlocks new decorations.

How To Unlock All Affected Materials

In total, there are eight different afflicted materials. Each afflicted material can be obtained by several different monsters in a particular anomaly quest level. The material you will get depends on the specific monster. To unlock all levels of Anomaly Quests to access all Afflicted Materials, you will need to increase your Master Rank to Master Rank 50 and defeat Furious Rajang.

For example, you will only find monsters that drop Afflicted Skin and Afflicted Bone in 1-Star Anomaly quests. Here’s how to unlock all levels of Anomaly quests, and in doing so, all affected materials.


  1. First, complete Sunbreak’s final story quest, Proof of Courage
  2. Complete Master Rank 10 Urgent Quest – Anomaly Research to unlock A★ Anomaly Quests
  3. Complete Master Rank 20 Urgent Quest – Retribution to unlock A★★ Anomaly Quests
  4. Complete Master Rank 30 Urgent Quest – Thrilling Divinity to unlock A★★★ Anomaly Quests
  5. Complete Master Rank 50 Urgent Quest – Unreasonable Rage to unlock A★★★★ Anomaly Quests

List of materials concerned

Here is a list of all the afflicted materials and what level of the anomaly quest you will find them. Click on individual gear to find out exactly how to unlock it and what monsters you need to hunt to earn it.

No matter what material you are looking for or what monster you are hunting, be sure to break the monster parts. You are guaranteed to have at least one affected part (and one Outfit Voucher+) per anomaly quest, but get an additional 20% chance in the rewards screen for broken parts. You’ll also have a 20% chance to carve an afflicted monster (and remember, you can use traps on them, but you can’t capture them.)

Unlock additional Anomaly quests

Want to fight a specific afflicted monster? Defeat a Master Rank version of this monster and it may become available as an Anomaly quest!

How To Unlock All Rarity 10 Weapons


Although most rarity 10 weapons require a specific affected material, some require materials from the various Master Rank Urgent Quests, including:

  • Ibushi Master Rank Weapons and Armor – Complete Master Rank 20 Urgent Quest to unlock Master Rank Ibushi Complete Master Rank 50 Urgent Quest
  • Narwa Master Rank Weapons and Armor – Complete Master Rank 30 Urgent Quest to unlock Master Rank Narwa and his Master Rank Weapons and Armor
  • Shagaru Magala Rarity 10 Weapons – Complete the Master Rank 50 Urgent Quest to unlock Furious Rajang. Shagaru Magala’s latest weapon forms require Furious Rajang materials.
  • Rarity 10 weapons for ancient dragons Teostra, Kushala Daora, Chameleos and Crimson Glow Valstrax require additional materials which can only be obtained by doing the Urgent Quest introduced at Master Rank 70, which unlocks Master Rank Tap to reveal.
  • Rarity 10 Magnamalo Weapons – Finally, there is another monster unlocked at Master Rank 100 – Tap to reveal. Hunting this monster unlocks the Rarity 10 Magnamalo weapon, which can be found at the end of the ??? Tree below the Magnamalo tree.

How To Raise Master Rank Fast

Unlocking everything in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak can be a hassle, so here are your best options when trying to increase your Master Rank:

  1. Specific special location quests – Quests in a small area with a Rainbow Spiribird available at the start are usually good choices – like the final boss. You won’t have to waste time browsing the map, and repeating the same quest should help you complete it quickly. At MR30, you will unlock a 6-star master rank quest in the arena called Unbridled Mayhem. You’ll get the most out of your time with this one, as long as you can reliably complete it. The wrong side: Monotonous, and you won’t gain a wide variety of materials that you might need later.
  2. Anomaly Quests – These not only grant a fairly large amount of Master Rank “points”, but have the added bonus of rewarding afflicted materials and Outfit Voucher+, which you need to craft new layered armor. The wrong side: These quests can take a long time compared to the Master Rank you will earn for each one.
  3. Clean quest – Complete exceptional optional quests you have with a “…” symbol to unlock new Dango, layered armor, and more. The wrong side: These probably aren’t that effective if all you’re after is leveling up, but you should probably do them anyway!
  4. grind for New armor Sets: We think this is the most fun and rewarding way to increase your Master Rank in Sunbreak, although it’s probably the least effective. Achievement achievements by setting small goals and completing them really breaks the grind – and with armor sets, you’ll have things to show for it! You can always choose anomaly quests with monsters you need coins to increase the grind’s effectiveness.

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