8 cleaning products on Amazon that remove pee, fur and more

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With a pet in the house, it’s inevitable that you’ll experience a mess from time to time, and sometimes a disinfectant wipe just won’t do. This might clean bacteria initially, but it won’t remove stains and odors left behind, especially on carpets. The good news is that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on specialty vacuums and steam mops to get the job done, as Amazon has a plethora of cleaning products made specifically for cleaning up after pets.

Not only does Amazon sell carpet cleaners, stain and deodorizers, fur clips, and other pet-friendly products from top brands, but it also offers some at special discounts. When you join Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program, you can save up to 15% on repeat purchases. When you first sign up, you’ll be rewarded with 5% off your purchase and you can set up recurring deliveries ranging from every two weeks to as little as once every six months. Check out some of the best qualifying products below.

Before deciding which pet cleaner is right for you, consider the number of pets you have, the surfaces in your home, and whether or not your pet is still potty training. For accident-prone puppies and seniors, you might want a pack of pee pads and urine remover, like Amazon Basics Puppy Pads and Resolve Urine Destroyer.

Whether you’re doing routine cleaning or cleaning up the remains of an accident, you should look for cleaners specifically designed to remove pet stains and odors, such as Angry Orange Enzymatic Cleaner. It works wonders on carpets and furniture, and it has over 8,600 five-star ratings from multiple reviewers who claimed it “works like magic” and left their homes smelling fresh and clean. And to thoroughly clean hard surfaces, shoppers turn to The Simple Solution Pet Stain Remover, which is also backed by thousands of Perfect Ratings. The formula does not harm finished hard surfaces and is designed to eliminate odors and prevent repeat marks.

Along with wanting to clean up urine, vomit, and other messes, pet owners need to think about getting rid of pet hair. That’s where Raffaelo wool dryer balls come in handy. After washing a load of laundry, put one or two of these wool balls in the dryer to avoid static electricity and catch any fur that might be left on your clothes. Hair and lint cling to the dryer balls, which are easy to clean after each use, allowing them to last much longer than traditional dryer sheets.

Every pet owner needs reliable cleaners on hand, and Amazon has some of the best options that don’t cost a ton of money. Keep scrolling to see a variety of options that suit all kinds of situations and surfaces.

Buy it! Angry Orange Enzyme Cleaner and Pet Stain Remover Spray, $19.97; amazon.com

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Buy it! Simple Solution Pet Stain & Odor Remover for Hard Floors, $11.99; amazon.com

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